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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Phone and Computer are Down

Hello, readers of Chris. This is Ben from niceoldspice.  Chris wanted me to tell you all that his internet and phone have been acting up. It's no biggie. I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jimmy's faces come out in the rain

Face in the rain

When your strange
No one remembers your name
So you say
But it seems to me many remember your name
And you were fucking strange  
Went to your grave one day
Stood for a while wondering
what you would say
So many came to see your name
They had to take it away  
When your strange
You die in France
Then one day you are an urban legend
And people will fuck On your grave
Fuck on the grave With no name
And cry because they weren't there
To see To hear To catch some sweat as you gyrated... As you expired  
When you're strange
No one remembers your name
So you say
Oh, wait so you said You are not able to say
That's right You're fucking dead

Chris McQueeney 3/11/13

Monday, February 4, 2013


Our subject flows

Striding from behind the door
Our subject flows
Progress marked steadily
Across the floor
While lofting through the sky
The sun decides our subject’s fate
From bright to dark the sky goes
Upon the setting of the sun
What's happened to our subject
Only one man knows...why it is at night
He never shows

Christopher McQueeney    2/4/13    10:20 A.M.

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Image credit goes to Mw Kaluta 1975

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Some fucking guy

Because I knew

I tried
I tried so hard
Oh god I swear I did
I tried so hard
To be strong for you
For as long as I could
But that was much more
Then I could ever do
Be always strong for you
It took so much more from me
Then you could ever see
But I had to be
Strong for you
So those times
My strength fell through
They hurt so much more
Then you ever knew
I knew
You needed me
To be strong
For you

Chris McQueeney    2/3/13    12:11 A.M.

I was kidnapped once…in Nampa Idaho. By some truckers that I didn’t even fucking know; because of some fucking guy I barely fucking knew. They forced me to come with them on the hunt for this guy I barely even knew, over one hundred and fifty dollars. They kidnapped me because of someone else, because of one hundred and fifty dollars. I had no Idea where he was. Not sure but I think his name was Jason. My sister and brother in-law actually saved my ass that day. Those fucking truckers that I didn’t even know held me at gunpoint (well, one of them had a gun…the other two had fathead screwdrivers the size of crowbars) for an hour and a half as they drove around looking for the guy.
When I got home, I was living with my sister, the only thing I could think of doing was grabbing my brother in-law’s shot gun and fucking killing those truckers that I didn’t even know. My sister and brother in-law saved those truckers that I didn’t even knew, because I was going to kill them, but she and he wouldn’t let me leave with the gun.
All over one hundred and fifty dollars, and some guy I barely even knew.
Those dumb fucking truckers almost died, because I wanted to go hang out with some fucking guy I barely even knew, that I didn’t even like, because he might have drugs…