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Saturday, September 10, 2016

maybe So

And the curtains fall

The light from above
Struck off her eyes
Tricking me
Telling me lies
Out poured her words
You didn't try
Let it sit idle
Let it drift by
Soon enough
Years had gone by
All the while the only thing I could find
Her hand in mine
A tether
Denying the sky
Staying bound
As the night quenched
The light once staark
Pitch dark
The light in her eyes
Her hand in mine
Now I can go
And see what I find

Chris McQueeney ©2016not mine

Thursday, September 8, 2016

almost four years, four years of limbo...

Well, the thing is

What would you do
If you knew
It was your turn to die
Would you bury your head
Practice your lies
Tell um its fine
Can't look in their eyes
Look at that
Time to go
Really must fly
All the while these creatures
These things
Start careening inside
The cavernous expanses
Where once was your mind
What would you do
The day that you die
Harsh words on the phon
no tearful goodbye
No music to sooth
Your way on your ride
This day of your death
Started out with a lie
What would I do
Should I know
That day I would Die
The last thing I would do
Is start off with a lie
I would spend it in love
This last day of this life
Most of all though
even though I won't lie
I would tell no one I know
Or strangers beside
It's best that they go
About their lives
It is not their fault I know
Today is my day to die

Chris McQueeney ©9/8/16