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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Get by

Just trying
Is all I can say
Just trying
To make it one more day
Things are tough now
sure not easy
No how no way
Something's needed
To breathe today
Just trying to live
Get by
Simply skate
Just trying to ease one over

Chris McQueeney

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Have yet to

So, I have yet to get a wordprocessing program for the new computer. That leaves me one solution for now, use blogger. For the time being till I have that rectified I will be posting some just daily rambling with my poetry to get the hang of typeing again. Please excuse my misspelled words.

Got a lot

I got a lot 
To say today
But nothing will come out
No how
No way
What the fuck
I think it through
But on the journey 
From head to mouth
It turns to glue
I had a lot 
To say
It got stuck
So what the fuck
It doesn't matter

Chris McQueeney

Friday, August 29, 2014

So, I got a new computer from a guy I live with...not new new, but new to me. So I get to start using it, and use it every day. It has been almost a year without having regular access to a computer and it has screwed my writing up. Like with anything practice help keep one sharp. the one funny thing about the whole deal is that the computer is a mac. I have not the first fucking clue how to operate a mac. I am laughing at myself right now because not only is it a new toy/workhorse it will be a new learning challenge for Me. I am wondering, just a bit lost, but coming back to the fold......

Chris McQueeney

it is tough being a dad

Can't say

Wishes were wild
When I was asked
To leave
Not by you
But by time
Wish I could
Wish we could
Stay this way
Another minute
Just one maybe two
More moments together
The wishes were wild

Chris McQueeney

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Two pieces

I drink and I think
I am full inside
I eat and I meet
A full belly
But neither can compare
To the joy and dispare
When the two pieces of my heart
Find that fully empty space
Just for them

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

less defined

The path

Travel a road
Less travled
A path
Less defined
Some feel it is
To travel through
Wide open spaces
Others say it
Is in the confines
We find ourselves
One thing is true
We have more time
On the long way arround

Chris McQueeney

Monday, August 25, 2014


Heart of hearts

Evil though the clown
May be
From his heart
Of hearts
We do see
A twinkling
Of true nobility
Who but the
Painted of face
Know the inner
Workings of true

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Fruitful deeds

Plink plink plink
I imagine the sound
Of the sand tracing
Its place at the bottom
Of an empty hourglass
Not empty any longer
But steadily filling
With the seeds of life
All the wants and needs
Fruitless desires
And fruitful deeds alike
Plink plink plinking their way
Filling the space
In this hourglass
Of our life

Chris McQueeney

Thursday, August 21, 2014

the juice

Fingers twitching

Lightning in a bottle
Not just any bauble
Terawats dancing
Exploring the confines
Fingers twitching
Feelers racing inside
their sphere of influence
The bubble clear and strong
I am lightning in a bottle
Not just some bauble
To be stowed away
Shelved lightning fingers
Dulled through entropy
Wither and die

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


The big game

And laugh as they sashay
Their way to the ground
Found out right quick
What pick to make
In the game today
At times we need
The scary ones
On our side
The people
And Laugh as they sashay
Their way to the ground

Chris mcqueeney

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

just a poem

From a blessing

Turn the verse
From a blessing
To a curse
Lifting the lid
Off the plate
Ill use metaphores
To recreate
The dreams and
In your skin
Let us begin
At first we see
what has been
not yet what it is to be
quickly disturbed by
what you conceal
I decide to let you hide
a while more...

Cyhris McQueeney    11:43 A.M.

Here is a quick check in...I spent a week in the hospital due to a poor reaction to medication. Having spent the week I now feel just a bit off. I dont know how to describe how that feels but I can say that it is a bit unsettling. Glad to be back in the land of the free...

Chris McQueeney

Friday, August 8, 2014

rough spot

I stayed alive for my children. They were the only thing that kept me teathered to this plannet after my accident. Keeping this mortal coil wound was not an easy thing; took some sacrificing that I will probably never get over. But i will say all of it was worth it when I get to see my children.
I just spent the day with Chase and Karley and had to say good by to them...I fucking hate that part, good by! Took two plus hours of bus riding to get to them and as I got back on the bus for the second leg of the return ride I thought to myself that I need an AA meeting. Just then an older man got on the bus and he smelled the same as a freshly opened beer. Smelled like peace.
It has been over six months since my last drink. I am an alcoholic. That man smelled of peace and comfort, an easment of pain. I need an AA meeting. In reality that smell is just the biproduct of a drunk and offers false hope. Drinking again is not what scares me, rather trying to quit again scares me pissless.
At one point I drank to stay alive. Now that time has passed and I don't need booze to live. Just another day as they say. Even though it is rough right now it will get better...I got to see my children today. The world is good!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Go of it

Just lift
Just lift it up
Cant weigh all that much
Give er a lift
Or maybe put
A little shoulder to it
Is that sweat
Are we having a tough
Go of it
come on can't be that tough
All you gotta do
is lift it up
You gotta do the lifting
it's your life
you dropped it
You gotta pick it back up

Chris McQueeney 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Stuff for saturday

Only you know

Where will you go
When you find 
There's no road here
Will you pout
Stamp your pretty little feet
What path will you swallow
No road here
Gotta go back
Or, will you put your head down
Blaze yourself a trail
From here to there
Only you know
Word to the wise though
Get to the gettin
While the gettin's good

Chris McQueeney  8/2/14

I made a venture into the working world for the first time in over two years. While the venture was a success what came after was not so successful. For most of a week I was unable to do most things except the bare minimum. Now that I have basically recouped from the venture I am reassessing what capacity I can work, and what level of suffering I am willing to go through to fulfill that goal...We shall see what my higher power puts in front of me.