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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Have yet to

So, I have yet to get a wordprocessing program for the new computer. That leaves me one solution for now, use blogger. For the time being till I have that rectified I will be posting some just daily rambling with my poetry to get the hang of typeing again. Please excuse my misspelled words.

Got a lot

I got a lot 
To say today
But nothing will come out
No how
No way
What the fuck
I think it through
But on the journey 
From head to mouth
It turns to glue
I had a lot 
To say
It got stuck
So what the fuck
It doesn't matter

Chris McQueeney


christopher said...

Apache makes "Open Office" which they give you for free and it's text program is a simplified word processor like Word. It's available for both Mac and the Windows computers. Just Google Open Office Windows or Open Office Mac.

Brian Miller said...

let it stay in
when it is ready it will come out pure...smiles.

Other Mary said...

Let it out Chris. Dance around a bit if you need to, but let it out.