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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Open letter

You think you know 
what that word means
You think you 
know me
you think flipping over your table
had even occurred 
to me
The thought of hurting 
you or yours
never even came to me
don't you have any idea
how much you and they
mean to me
you wonder why I keep bringing up
my family
how the fuck can you/they
not see
you/they are the only thing 
that means a fucking thing
to me
no, I'm not angry
I'm sad and scared
of trying to live
When everything I hear
and see
tells me to ask you
to end it all
for me...
because I cant, your in my way

Christopher McQueeney  4:29 P.M 11/27/13

Friday, November 22, 2013


It Grew

We fell in love
This is true
We fell hard,
Me...and then you

We fell in love
Me and you
Fell hard indeed 
As only few do

I fell hard
If only I knew
How into hardness I fell
And only it grew

We fell in love
But into hardness it grew
Falling into hardness broke me
My falling broke you too

Christopher McQueeney 9:45 P.M. 11/22/2013

Their may be a flashlite at the end of the tunnle...maybe even a lantern because I am starting to see where my feet are landing...i was diagnosed with encephalopathy, toxic...only took sixteen months for dr's to reach that conclusion. any info you can share would be greatly appreciated...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome to wander's world
corndog fries and
potato curles
in his world the
criddlers are crawling through

Your door

creeping through your door
they finger your goodies,
`then c the things 211a.....
Grip it tight you battle once more

the criddlers are crawling
the floor
criddling your brains
destroying the door

Christopher Michael Mcqueeney    11/13/2013  6:01P.M.

to my friends out thank you for your concern