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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome to wander's world
corndog fries and
potato curles
in his world the
criddlers are crawling through

Your door

creeping through your door
they finger your goodies,
`then c the things 211a.....
Grip it tight you battle once more

the criddlers are crawling
the floor
criddling your brains
destroying the door

Christopher Michael Mcqueeney    11/13/2013  6:01P.M.

to my friends out thank you for your concern 


Brian Miller said...

yikes... a bit of a spooky poem man...long as they dont crawl on me while i am trying to sleep..smiles...good to know you are still out there....

kj said...

hang in and get well, chris.

will be glad to have you back in the land of our blogs.