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Monday, July 20, 2015

Its Monday

Wheel in a tree

Oh to be a cog in the machine
Just a worker bee
Dotting my I's
Crossing my T's
No responsibilities
No decisions
Just my place in the machine
Build me up a rut
So deep
It would swallow me
And furnish that motherfucker
Cool calm comfort
Nothing out of place
Oh to be
Just a limb on a tree
Or better yet a ring
In its trunk for me
Years and years
Never bothering
Either a cog in the machine
With a furnished rut
Or a ring in a tree
Maybe then I'll be safe
And you will never find me
Won't get your fingers
In my cracks
Won't tear your way into me
Then again you could
Break your way into the machine
Light a fire under my tree
Guess you'll have me then
No escape
That's the problem with ruts and rings
They make it hard to flee
I still have scars
And wicked dreams
From the last time you caught me...

Chris McQueeney

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stage Left

Reel them in

Put on your mask
And play to the crowd
Reel them in
With your semblance
Of humanity
Awe them
With your honest portrayal
Of a wounded creature
Blatantly psychotic rendition
Of what a life should look like
On the other side of sanity
Peel the mask off during intermission
But don't get too comfortable
All the players are in their positions
Ready for the que
And go
Careening your way
There you go again
Acting outside of your part
Is that a tear in your eye
No no no
We can't have that now
Get it together
Play your part
Broken with an edge
Got to keep all your corners sharp
Till curtain call
Bow your way off stage left
The stage clears
Audience leaves
Freeing you to flee to another type
Of captivity

Chris McQueeney 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

over and over

Free will

Your love broke me
Left me vacant and empty
And you
Broke me
Over and over again
And in that breaking
My will you were taking
Over and over again
God gave me free will
And freely
I let you
Take it from me
And over again
Free will ain't so free
There is a price to pay
And I broken again
Foot the bill

Chris McQueeney

Broken pieces

All the right places

You are broken
In all the right ways
Fractures and fissures
From one side of your soul
To the other
Taken individually they don't mean much
But when laid end to end
When you put the pieces together
They paint a picture
You sure are pretty
But that ain't all I need
You got all the right pieces
In all the right places
Yeah baby
You sure do do it for me
I want to slide up
Next to you
Pick you up
Hold you together
You are broken
In all the right places
Maybe you'll join me
And we can break together

Chris McQueeney

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Mag

To see

I took one step
Then another
One after the other
To the sun
The days are getting longer
Or is it the nights
It is hard to tell
I get so turned around by life
But to it I go
Even though I don't know
Up from down these days
Maybe one day
It will catch up to me
Until then we will just have to see

Chris McQueeney 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

That pain filled moment...

Skin to skin

Don't look me in the eye
Because then I will see
How much this hurts you
And me
I don't know how to handle this
You and me
We just don't see
The same things
We haven't seen eye to eye
Since we were thigh to thigh
It's easy to overlook things
With the inkling that
Intimacy brings
Skin to skin
Disjointed thinking
Need to step apart
I wish I could see
What inside me brings
You to this state
Don't look me in the eyes
I may not be able bring
Myself to let you be
And I might not be able to be

Chris McQueeney

Friday, July 10, 2015

today in your city

Windows to the soul

They sleep on the streets
They beg you for something
To eat
Sidewalk surfing their
Life away
They learned long ago
Not to look you in the eye
It's been said that
The eyes are
Are the windows to the soul
And they are soul weary
And people are mean
It is hard to live hand to mouth
It's hard to live day to day
When your world
Is only as big as
As a bridge abutment
Or corner store doorway

Chris McQueeney 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Her power

One Taste

With one taste of her lips
He scaled mountains
And ran valleys
Forged rivers
Rested in vales
When desire became overwhelming
Fled in turn
Ran with the moon
And trudged under the sun
One thing on his mind
Making it back to that place
Where she imprinted upon him
Lips like blades
Cutting him to the quick
Holding him in stasis
Or setting his pace
From place to place
Ever hoping to be freed
Or absolutely consumed by need
Addiction complete
Never to be released

Chris McQueeney 

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Tried to stay

I arrived with the wind
And left with the moon
I tried to stay
But it was just too soon
Like a shag carpet
The leaves moved
With syncronicity
It was just too much
I couldn't stay
Thought I would
Drop a line
As if to say
I dropped by
It was a trip
Have a good day

Chris McQueeney

Friday, July 3, 2015

Snooz fest

Wicked deep

Sleep, she is a fickle mistress
Bating one to his last nerve
Sending hours upon days
Into the bitter recesses
Of the past
Night upon night grinding
Away the hours
Until at last
At last giving one

Chris McQueeney

Thursday, July 2, 2015

One of those daze

Laughing at nothing in particular

Echo of insanity
Having landed me
In the ward again
Staring at the wall
As the crazies wander
Up and down the hall
And spin
Talking to there is no one there
Laughing at nothing in particular
Nurses guarding the doors
And then
Oh no they are handing
Out meds again
In this place
Sanity is very thin
And thinning more and more
Making it another day a win
Hoping the sting of another
Day will bring
Me back to me

Chris McQueeney