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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stage Left

Reel them in

Put on your mask
And play to the crowd
Reel them in
With your semblance
Of humanity
Awe them
With your honest portrayal
Of a wounded creature
Blatantly psychotic rendition
Of what a life should look like
On the other side of sanity
Peel the mask off during intermission
But don't get too comfortable
All the players are in their positions
Ready for the que
And go
Careening your way
There you go again
Acting outside of your part
Is that a tear in your eye
No no no
We can't have that now
Get it together
Play your part
Broken with an edge
Got to keep all your corners sharp
Till curtain call
Bow your way off stage left
The stage clears
Audience leaves
Freeing you to flee to another type
Of captivity

Chris McQueeney 

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