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Sunday, November 30, 2014

You held me


Have you ever had an itch
You just can’t scratch
Like a cat in the sun
You stretch to get that last ray
Just a little more you think
Arm yourself with the concept
Of total fulfillment
Go on trying to get that
Livin life in which
You to the extreme
Give it up to me
To find my place in this
Your schrade cuts me up
And down in and inside out
Like that cat stretching fourth
Your claws rip without warning
That one’s gonna leave a mark
And I thought you harmless
What a fool am I
To think that of you
You have no reason to be gentle
And every excuse to be harsh
And still I thought
You harmless but I
Have been known to
Believe what I see at first glance

Still my racing heart
You stood there in the light
So ephemeral
Diaphanous your beauty
Flutters in the gentle breeze
And I thought you harmless
Still my racing
Mind your manners
Are you so harsh as to
Not see in me
That which I wish to show
Diaphanous though your beauty may be
Your claws are sharp
And still I thought you harmless
Your beauty masking
A sharpened heart
Willing to cut outside of the lines
Took me for a midnight ride
Down lanes less traveled by the wary
And still I thought you blameless
And you were
At least that is what I have been lead to believe

Chris McQueeney    11/30/14

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday morning

Two way street

Living the life of Riley
I just might be
Going in the wrong direction

It takes a bigger man than I
To do all there is to be
Going in the right direction

Living life and smiling
I just might be
Going the right way in the wrong direction

Chris McQueeney    11/28/14

I am with my children at their mother's home. They are amazing little creatures. I love them with my whole heart...If I have the oppertunity to be with them I do...this time last year I was not able to be near them and it broke me apart...I am grateful to have them in my life.

Friday, November 28, 2014

the wind in your wings

I live in a world
That may be small
To you
But is bigger than I can take
Put your considerable tallents
On the firing line for a moment
Tell them what you think
Is your oppinion as important
As you feel
Or is it just wind whistling in the trees
You will find out pretty quick
If you actually put yourself out there
If you do put yourself out there
You might just find out
How kind people actually are
I live in a world
That is bigger than I can take
Why dont you lighten it up for me

Chris McQueeney 11/28/14

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Own Filth

Why do you
have to be

Why do you
have to be so
fucking raciest

we don't need
your type around
these Parts

Doing just fine
thank you very much
you hypocrite

Forever espousing
the so called failings
of  others

while spilling your
own filth
on everyone

You are the one
who's creed we
definitely don't need

Chris McQueeney    11/26/14

This goes to all those who have a problem with another race or creed. There is a lot of blatant racism going on on both sided of the equation. I don't know enough about the death of that black man to argue with any credence...but it doesn't take an expert to decipher that both sides of this situation are fueled by anger and resentment. No person should be treated any differently due to the color of his or her skin, white or black...we are like fifty years away from the civil rights movement, we should be beyond this! On this day of our Thanksgiving I am grateful for many things and one of those things is the fact that I dont have to riot to make my point herd, all I have to do is type, but I am typing to a small croud. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Only in my dreams

I have had your song stuck
In my head
All day
There is no way
Around it
It has to play
Over and over
All day
It would seem
From your words
You are only in my dreams

Chris McQueeney.  11/26/14

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

little ditty

At times

I hate having my brain
At times
It makes me insane
At times
I try to work my way around it
But find
I am stuck with it
I hate having my brain
At times
It is a pain that
I find
No way around

Chris McQueeney    11/24/14

Good morning blogger land how are you today? this was just a little ditty that I put together yesterday. It is true though that my brain plays havoc with me at times, a lot of times. but like I told my sister I'll be ok..........

Monday, November 24, 2014

A piece of me

Real and true

I see things
At times I try to hide
That fact from the outside
I hear things
At times I try to hide
That fact from the outside
I live in a world
Where things are transitory
Not always real
Or true
How does one function
When life sends you messages
That just are not

Chris McQueeney    10/29/14

One side effect of the brain trauma that I suffered is that I see and hear things that are not there,,,it is a scary thing to have your perceptions be false. I now take medication for the hallucinations and it seems to work well. It is also a hard thing to admit to people. I don't want to be treated like there is something wrong with me, but there is. For the most part the reception that I have received since I started being more open about my struggles has been positive. I cant take back the brain trauma nor can I go through life acting like it didn't have an effect on me, I tried that and it didn't work very well............... 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The mag 247

Just So

She walks in twilight
Rather than day
Mid afternoon rays just
A bit to much
She likes dew on the leaves
The soft light strikes it
Just so
Offers up a particular glow
Just so just so
Just so
She walks in twilight
Rather than night
Nights dark rays subtle
Softened as she walks
Past twisted trees
Like goalposts they stand
Against night’s encroachment
She walks in twilight
Rather than day
The light is just so
Just so just so

Chris McQueeney    11/23/14

Image credit and the inspirator for the prompt are over at The Mag go check out what they have up to offer

Saturday, November 22, 2014



Whisky jigger
Gin liver
Watch his new home
Deeper and deeper
Just an evening out
Is all they will say just an evening
For him more like a month or six
What’s on the menu today HoleDigger
You got a whisky jigger dancing to your tune
Or is it that Gin that’s givin you that vacant grin
We’ll have to wait and see,
 Not too long cause you sure aint got it in ya
Ta wait
Watch him shovel through the carpet
There aint no tar pit just a  
Straight shot
Through to his bottom
Might be a trite bit shallow for some
Just a bit too goddamn deep for others
Not always fun bein a prospector
Thinks HoleDigger
As he plants a boot on another shovel full of soul

Chrisw McQueeney    1/22/14

Spent the weekend with my children and had a good time,,,have to say thanks for the rides that people give me in support of me getting to see the little buggers...It has only been fourty five min but I already miss them. the next I get to see them will be on  thanksgiving. then I will hqave two days and two nights with them. They actually get this whole week off of school. I seem to remember having to go the week except for thanksgiving, but I guess budget issues change things for kids now a days....I dont think it is a bad thing because even though they have fewer days they are more advanced than we were at the same age.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Who would you be? would you step up or slink away

What would I

If god were sitting
Next to you
On the bus one day
Would you say hello
Or would you turn your cheek
And act like you didn’t see him
What if you knew who it was
Would you pepper him
With question after dumb question
Why god why did you
Why didn’t you,
Would you play it cool
And let him tell you
What he would
Prophecy or proclamation
Taking it all in like a
Divine puppet
Modern day prophet
What if God rode
Next to you and didn't
Say a word
Just smiled at you sadly
Would you tell him your sins
Would you expose the deep dark
Unload on him
Or would you tell him
Of the blessings of your life
Those things you are oh so grateful for
Would you thank god for another breath
One night I asked god to save me for my children
I don’t think I could survive another prayer like that one
What would I
What could I
What have I
What should I
What will I

Chris  McQueeney    11/20/2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another one of those days

Wall punch your way

A friend asked me today
What love meant to me
And what I had to say
             About it
I drew a blank
And I have to thank you
For getting out of it-
What does love mean to me
Is it the thing that has
Caused me countless
Hours     of      misery
Heart ache and pain
         Eyes dribbling
Wall    punch    your    way
Through another day of 
       Or is it the other
Heart melting through your
                kind of way
Love is like an IV drip
Keeping me alive another day
        I like to think the latter
At least that is what keeps me
               Coming back 
       for more

Chris McQueeney    11/20/14

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I am feeling a bit off
just a bit off today
slept for a while
think I will sleep
a bit longer
I think sleep
 is way underrated
i think it is a blessing
in disguise as a
 pain in the ass

Monday, November 17, 2014

fillin it two fer today

near to center

We tend to like freaks
In this neck of the woods
They slink from
Corner to corner
Without even coming
Near to center
We tend a bit towards
Around these parts
See that’s my cousin over there
Hair’s white from a fright a while back
He begins the knight with a right nice tempo
Over there we got tommy two tone
Can’t sing worth a dam but when he’s up
Everyone’s up but when he’s down
You don’t even want to be around

We tend towards don’t play well with others
Around these parts
Around these parts

Chris McQueeney    11/17/14

It is false

Do not go gentle
Into that cold still night
There are things out there
That would raise the dead
Do not go gentle
To that cold dark place
If you only knew
What was ahead of you there
You would never
Do not go gentle
With the dark hand offered
To lull you along
It is false
Do not go gentle
Into that cold still night

Chris McQueeney 11/15/14

I go today to see my psych Dr and go over the medications that I am currently taking. For the most part I am happy with the regimen I am on...there are times though where I go into a dip, or flat spot and those are hard to live with...we will see if there are any tweeks to the meds......... 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Not so subtle

That’s all

You want
Me to be
You want me to
Be something
That’s all
Just be something
Do something with
Your life
You say with that
Little sneer
On your lips
Crawling across your
Like a wave your lips part
That’s all you have to do
To get me moving
Make something you say
Of your life
One day
Ok, still
You might not like it
But I will

Chris McQueeney  10/3/14

I am sitting here about to go to bed and I am just now posting on my blog. It was a lazy day of watching the Fringe on Netflix and not much, from the tail end of a very lazy day hello, how do you do?
Ok there is my writing for the day. Deep hugh.............

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Collaboration with Ben

We were in Foodland where pizza trees
battle steak bushes, or Ribeyesteaksismajorum
as scientists call it, for supremacy
the popcorn shrimp flowers are king
and Jello giants tremble by
popsicle plants near pudding stalks
higher than licorice grass.

© Ben Ditmars and Chris McQueeney 2014

Here is a little ditty that I helped write with one named Den Ditty...Ben is an awesome poet and an all around good guy! go check him out here

Friday, November 14, 2014

mostly Fiction

Skin deep

Inside we burn
For more
Twirling around the middle
Looking for a place
To land
Like a moth to a flame
We are attracted by its shine
Where you land makes no matter
For you will easily find your way
To the center of it all
Spinning and winning your way through
You find the shine doesn’t go all the way
To its core
More of a surface reflection
How disappointing that was
To find out after all you have been through
It’s beauty was only
Skin deep

Chris McQueeney    11/13/14

I am finding that it is a worthwhile challenge to write everyday and to put out a poem every day. As far as the poetry goes I don't necessarily write one every day but on some days I put together two or three maybe even more, so I stockpile them for rainy days, On some days the poetry I write is representative of how I am doing, while on others it is purely fiction...Mostly fiction though..............

Thursday, November 13, 2014



Wild eyed we see
Inside the colored
As she dances
Too and fro
Marking her turns
Inside we burn for

Chris McQueeney    10/26/14

Good morning...I just recently started taking a new medication and it is kicking my ass. It is supposed to help me sleep, and it does that, but it doesn't like to let go in the morning's. So I wake up feeling tired and listless. I find that coffee helps with the listless feeling but I still have the tired med hangover. I am sleeping better, not waking up ten or so times a night. How do you sleep? Do you wake at night with a racing brain or do you sleep like a baby and wake feeling rested?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gentle now

Keep it clean

Gentle now he said
Must watch what we are doing
Killing with kindness takes a surer hand
Than just your average killing
Hold that smile no matter what
That’s right…no just a bit off
Don’t look so grim
As far as the world is concerned
If you are kind it is ok
Just a bit longer then you will be done
All the world is a stage
And you are an actor
Be in your prime
Gentle, be kind and you will find
It’s not that hard to say it with a smile
Just for now, maybe only for this one day
Mean what you say and say what you mean
Kill them with kindness and keep it clean

Chris McQueeney   11/11/14

Good morning to you out there! I am in a bit of a hurry this morning so no deep thoughts for the day...Have a good day.