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Saturday, November 22, 2014



Whisky jigger
Gin liver
Watch his new home
Deeper and deeper
Just an evening out
Is all they will say just an evening
For him more like a month or six
What’s on the menu today HoleDigger
You got a whisky jigger dancing to your tune
Or is it that Gin that’s givin you that vacant grin
We’ll have to wait and see,
 Not too long cause you sure aint got it in ya
Ta wait
Watch him shovel through the carpet
There aint no tar pit just a  
Straight shot
Through to his bottom
Might be a trite bit shallow for some
Just a bit too goddamn deep for others
Not always fun bein a prospector
Thinks HoleDigger
As he plants a boot on another shovel full of soul

Chrisw McQueeney    1/22/14

Spent the weekend with my children and had a good time,,,have to say thanks for the rides that people give me in support of me getting to see the little buggers...It has only been fourty five min but I already miss them. the next I get to see them will be on  thanksgiving. then I will hqave two days and two nights with them. They actually get this whole week off of school. I seem to remember having to go the week except for thanksgiving, but I guess budget issues change things for kids now a days....I dont think it is a bad thing because even though they have fewer days they are more advanced than we were at the same age.

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