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Sunday, November 30, 2014

You held me


Have you ever had an itch
You just can’t scratch
Like a cat in the sun
You stretch to get that last ray
Just a little more you think
Arm yourself with the concept
Of total fulfillment
Go on trying to get that
Livin life in which
You to the extreme
Give it up to me
To find my place in this
Your schrade cuts me up
And down in and inside out
Like that cat stretching fourth
Your claws rip without warning
That one’s gonna leave a mark
And I thought you harmless
What a fool am I
To think that of you
You have no reason to be gentle
And every excuse to be harsh
And still I thought
You harmless but I
Have been known to
Believe what I see at first glance

Still my racing heart
You stood there in the light
So ephemeral
Diaphanous your beauty
Flutters in the gentle breeze
And I thought you harmless
Still my racing
Mind your manners
Are you so harsh as to
Not see in me
That which I wish to show
Diaphanous though your beauty may be
Your claws are sharp
And still I thought you harmless
Your beauty masking
A sharpened heart
Willing to cut outside of the lines
Took me for a midnight ride
Down lanes less traveled by the wary
And still I thought you blameless
And you were
At least that is what I have been lead to believe

Chris McQueeney    11/30/14

1 comment:

Other Mary said...

Ouch! A sharp piece, Chris. And yo made me go to the dictionary too.