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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday for you

Nothing left to do

I get into a groove
And there is nothing
Left to do
But pound
My head against the wall
Pound and pound and
Pound some more
Dosnt hurt
More than the thoughts
I get into a groove
And there is nothing
I can do
But pound
The thought into my skull
Over and over and
Over again
Not today I say
Then bam bam bam
Takes at least three to
Make it stick

Chris McQueeney 10/28/14

Having an internal battle with my symptoms lately and it kinda sucks. not a lot to write about right now so I will keep this short and sweet.......


Shadow said...

Take the pounding in your head and pound them into words instead. Should make for good writing?

christopher said...

That's poetry my friend.