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Saturday, December 28, 2013

could be your own

Once upon a day

Once upon a day
The trees dropped leaf scant cover
Torn away bare to sight
Stripped of plumage ripped of pretenses
Shivering it stood, daytime, not yet night

Once upon a day
Life ganged up, humanity turned cheek
“Tough love you know” and hastened away
Walking wounded bone weary shivering
Close to froze even closer to fate being food deprived
In that state

Once upon a day
Empathy born from horror
Our grandfather’s war was fought
To bring food and blankets with dear coin
Gladly we paid to stave off starvation
Cold exposure staying that chilled kiss
Of the long sleep
Most of a world away

I wish I could just say
Nothing but a memory
Pictures pinned angrily to the wall
Mr. Mortimer’s class, history, documenting
Dachau, Auschwitz some place near
Walt’s dream castle, New Schwanstein
Atrocity, holocaust death camps
 Technicolor magic kingdom of Disney fame
No matter the beauty
The mount with castle astride it
Images tattoo inside my closed eyelids
Twenty-four years later will never go away

But sadly that I cannot say, no,
For that starved and broken look
Now fated also to never go away
I saw too close to our home
Like those from that war half a world away
But on a clean window, downtown Oregon City
I stood in front of for a moment earlier today

One slight moment upon this day
Just one was enough
Quickly dropped gaze
My reflection,
Emaciated…bone weary,
And I limped away

Christopher McQueeney     12/28/2013    3:55  A.M.

This was actually weeks ago, but a woman walking past me today mirrored it…the time I saw her before that, about two weeks ago, she spoke of her intention to go sleep in the woods…there are starving and needy people n your neighborhood…a can of tuna costs a buck…a funeral costs us our humanity

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Teddy bears....keeping another pillow safe!!!

There is A

There’sss a monster
Underneath my bed
That’s all right
He’s friends with
All the voices
In my head
As I lay my self
Down to bed
They get together
And run rampant
Instead of resting
Like I need to be
At least, they see
All the possibilities…
To be…if
Left to me
Rampant they run
Knowing all of the fun
To be had
That’s why
The Monster and the Voices
Have so much fun
All night
Under my head
Beneath my pillow
Below my bed…

Christopher McQueeney   12/24/13   8:51 P.M.

I may have found the answer to the dilemma I have been having...

Staying the night at the fathers heart in Oregon city. they treated me with kindness when family (only one ) slammed the door in my face

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Father's Heart...Oregon City....

Yes Seconds

Yes, the sign says
On the very first line
Black letters, green background
Seconds, The word
On the very last line
Two words tell a story
So clearly defined


Says the sign
Black letters, green behind
The hungry stand lined up
One thought on their mind
Tonight I wont sleep hungry
Worries no mind
Maybe tomorrow We will see
The other side
Black letters Red background 
only one line
One word, two letters
only one line


Is all you will find

Christopher McQueeney   12, 13, 2013   2:30 P.M

I stood in line with them, hungry, and gretful, that when starving food was provided

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Santa's Caper


Santa's Caper
I swear, I left it here
he says with a little
hiccup in his get up
and go cuz we got these damn
deer shitting everywhere

 and trying to play those fucking reindeer games,
I mean really, fucking reindeer games...
works better with Gary seneese, sted we got stinky ass beasts...
Fu king rain dear gamZ.
Gods damn it all" face purpling "Rudolf you fucking degenerate,
get back in line. and for fucks sakes stop lighting up your nose under blitzing's balls,
just aint right I say...Word to the wise,
straight from Santa's mouth to his belly,
maybe a bit from his butt, that's gross,
that place your mind just went, pew! back to Santa's inside
bubbles from his belly to his brain flash front and center
hmmm, to your surprise, didn't see this one coming, can tell from his eyes,
 he's drunk, flying over, Rolling dirty, he is
super fucking High
"Mother fuck Yeah!!! Got my keys!"
he shouts from inside the dilapidated kid sized playhouse
inside that house that was silent
"Motherfucking lazy ass deer help me get this fucking thing off me before we fly.
We got to stop in Colombia on our way to that know the one, that sultan,
the one that fucks anything and lives in dubi!"
Soooo, next year keep it safe, close, inside,
rum in his eggnog on Christmas eve is horrible, wrong,
it's not ok to drink and fly.
"Dam nit Donner Keep your shit to the left, fly straight I don't wanna die."
 Shouted Santa from that house that was silent
 was silent, once upon a time...

Wander 12/2/13 4:30 P.M.
December 1, 2013 at 4:34 PM