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Monday, April 29, 2013

the dinner roll was just to hard

We meet

We all sat down at the table
to eat
To eat
Rice pudding cake and
 Some meat
Some meat
then that dammed rabbit used his tongue not
His feet
His feet
Tiz a fight for blood with
No retreat
 No retreat
 We all sat down at the table
 To eat
To eat
Instead of food in battle
We meet
 We meet

Chris McQueeney

Blogger is doing strange things to me through my phone this is my 15th attempt to post this...this is in resp once to the image Tess put up on  The Mag...if you can please post a link to the mag in the comment thread for other readers to follow

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Here I am

One Day

One day the man
Woke up and realized
All the flat
Filled with all
The flat
Were just
Paper filled trays
With words
And numbers from
Pain filled days

Chris McQueeney    4/14/13    12:00 A.M.

    It's been times life can be a heavy burden to bear, other times it can be amazing. The last while has been heaver then I have ever had to carry. From the time of my injury at work until now has been fairly dark. The problem was that I didn't know how to express my needs to the right people. Never before in my life had I experienced true depression, and I have had a eventful life.
    The injury left me in a position where I could no longer use the trade I have mastered to support myself. At the same time I have suffered from the physical trauma and all that it entails. For six months I had to survive on something like 600 a month...were I able to work I would make a good amount more than that a week. 
    After a daily battle with the fear and pain and despair and anger I reached a point that I told my Dr that I needed some help...but I didn't have the skills necessary to tell her how bad it actually was so she did not take me seriously. By December I was in a place where I had two choices, either kill myself, or drink...I drank.
    I drank a lot...more then my body could handle. I do not regret it at all, I am alive. One month ago today I started the journey to put down the drink, and was given what I needed to tell  the people in my life that I needed to quit drinking again, but I needed help because the detox process could kill me, and that once the shielding effect of the gin was gone the rage and despair would be waiting to take back its place chewing up my soul...chewing on me until I couldn't handle it anymore forcing me to let go.
    To my friends in the blogging world and the real world this doesn't come close to giving a full accounting of my life for the last nine months but it is what I can give you for now. 
    The other day I asked the mother of my children when Easter was, and she told me that it had already happened. Where was I? Probably on a plastic bed seeing things that were not there going through the DT's. For those of you who do not know what those are go here. My hope is that you never have to go through anything like them, I have and I can say it is not cool to see little things crawling on the floor that look like they were cloaked in the partial invisible shield that the Predator used to get its prey... especially not when feeling like shit.

Chris McQueeney    4/14/13    5:41 P.M. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The word

The word is Away
Lofting its Tone
Shouldering its Clarity
of Diction
Addiction to the Attitude
of Gracing Us with
at Just such
So as     to say
what...the word away
came to my Door
to say on that day
D E A T H   B E C O M E S  Y O U
But for shame
YOU know better
Then to wear white
After Labor Day
the word HAS away
no! Not so!
the word away really did
gentling its tone
as if it had a tone of its own
cradling its diction
as clearly as ALL around
     could see...
          could SEE...
               could SEE...
and that includes

Christopher McQueeney    3/27/13    11:54 P.M.

sitting being treated for my illness by some very dedicatyed people and missing my friends and family....expecially my you Chase and Karley!!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Life after Bombay


I had a visit
with gin again
And it
was found wanting
Not so for me
For it seems
the gin of my dreams
Is only that...
My dreams

Chris McQueeney     2/2/2013   Late P.M.

I am currently being treated for some complications from my injury in july....I am doing much better and just wanted to say hi and check in with my friends....I will be back around to comment on your stuf after wed!