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Sunday, May 27, 2012

To you also I give my thanks.


Will he come
To me tonight
I wonder as I silhouette
So lonely
Picture framed by window casings

Will he come
To me tonight
As the shadows go
My longing grows
For his warmth again at my side

Will he come
To me tonight
His shade I seek inside I am weak
From the day on Iwo he did leave
Please lord bring him to me one last time

Chris McQueeney    5/27/12    9:59 A.M


Thank you to all the men and women that have served for our country in the armed services. As I reflect on the losses some have incurred so that I may have the freedom that I so cherish today, I feel inside a debt of gratitude. To the families of those that have passed and those that will come, to you also I give my thanks.
Please do not take this as a political platform from which to expound on the virtues for or against the need for an armed services. There will be time enough for that on another day.
For today and tomorrow I just wish to say thank you!

The image House At Dusk, 1935, was painted by Edward Hopper

I also want to say thank you to Tess from The Mag for the prompt, every week she offers up to us an image from which to create worlds with words. please visit to see what others have left behind on their path through life.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Has recovered

You lived well

Rest well friend
Your life long journey
Has reached its end
You lived well friend
The peace inside
You no longer need defend
Fare you well friend
And with my heart I will send
My prayers for you…
Rest well friend

Chris McQueeney    5/26/12    10:08 A.M. 

Green monkey asked what happened after my father died, and today I will touch on that just a little. The day dad died was fucking crazy. The whole day I was on the phone with friends and family. Telling them about what had happened, and trying to calm that raging thing inside. I wrote about it already but let’s just say that it was enough to swallow my soul.
I was about three months sober at the time and was just starting to recover my life. One of the people who I was on the phone with was Bill. The minute I got back from Corvallis a group of my friends were waiting at my house to take me to an AA meeting. All because Bill knew that if I didn't end up there that night I probably wouldn't survive the week, not just loaded but probably dead.
Bill and Jo and Jim took me to a meeting somewhere, I have no idea where, somewhere. I cried the whole way and Bill comforted me. Again I have no idea what he said, just that he was genuine and that he cared.
At around three this morning a friend of mine passed away, Vicki Smith. Vicki was also Bill's mother in law. This morning I got to call him and tell him that I loved him and my prayers went out to him and his family.
Vicki had an infectious smile and she was around all the time at a very important point in my life. Steve I am so sorry for your loss. Bill and Genia my heart is with you.

Vicki Smith
Mother, Friend, Wife
May God walk with you
And hold you in his gentle hands
April    23rd    1961
May    26th      2012

Chris McQueeney    5/26/12    9:53  A.M.

Monday, May 21, 2012

ebb and flow

From the light

I have been walking
                        To the right
Or left of
All a matter of perspective
The razor's edge is only
     Cutting sharp
Until laid on its side
The path from then on
Rather wide filled with
The ebb and Flow
Outside reflecting
From the light inside

Chris McQueeney    5/21/12    4:19 P.M

Life can be a thing of beauty if we let it...if.

This poem came from a conversation I had with Christopher at View From The Northern Wall, and a comment I left in response to erin at in search of white space

Also please go on over to dVerse poets pub to see what is being offered up on the menu for open link night

picture credit goes to I got the image off of Bing images and I have no idea what content the blog it came from supports, besides being a youth group. If you see something there you like cool, feel free to share it, but if you find something there that you deem offensive I don't want to hear I am just using the image and giving credit where credit is due.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The greater things in life


I had a dream Last night
Of you
Echoes of anger and pain
You were coming home
All right
Feel that and know
Truth in dreams is hard
To hide

Chris McQueeney    5/19/12    12:54 P.M.

Often I write about uncomfortable things, sad, ugly, and painful, but there are also amazing things in my life. Two of those things are my children. I always wanted kids, and I have been blessed with amazing ones. 

My son Chase is so like me. He looks like a mixture of my father and my grandfather. He is fricking smart and happy and he is for sure A.D.H.D. With him I have been given a chance to nurture his inquisitive mind. He had a fascination with dinosaurs and wild life. One day my little boy will be an amazing scientist. 

My daughter so not A.D.H.D. She is a amazingly smart and cute. Blond hair and blue eyes help her melt hearts. One day while walking up the stairs to her room she started saying numbers, it wasn't until almost the top that I realized that she was counting the stairs, she hadn't even turned two yet. She looks like her mother, and all of the girls on my side of the family. Some day she will be a leader; what she will lead I have no idea, I just know it will happen. 

Before I started writing today I was thinking about how much my children mean to me. They are my world, and I can't imagine my world without them. I have never had the idea that I could be a hero, I have thought about it, and I don't know that I have that in me. But I would lay my life on the line to protect my children without thinking about it...but I don't think that would be heroic. I had someone tell me a few months ago that I would always choose my children over them...and I told them that it wasn't even a choice as far as I was concerned; it's just what you do......

Chris Mcqueeney

Saturday, May 12, 2012

just a hi :-)

Just wanted to say Hi to my friends and family, readers and the people I am following. I love this writing thing and did I tell you that I fricking LOVE this writing thing!

So, Hi!!!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I am reprising this as one of my favorite submissions to dVerse for their one year  anniversary  thank you all for the venue!

How do I

How do I stand still
Steeling my nerves from
This thing swallowing my soul
Letting go my control
            Don’t …
How can I stand still
When my stars are falling
And the walls are tilting in
How can I stand still

Chris McQueeney    5/8/12    11:28    P.M.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Take my crown

For you

I would take the crown
Off the throne of the world
And burn the mother fucker down
For you
Burn it down
For you

I would strip my soul bare
And throw it at your feet to use
For you
Strip my soul
For you

I would break my crown
And tear my palace down brick by brick
For you
Brick by brick
For you

And burn the mother fucker down
For you….

Chris McQueeney    5/3/12

I was asked to write about what happened to my family after my father passed away (by Green Monkey), and I will. I have also been asked to talk more about my two children (by KJ), and that I will also do.

To a certain extent our family was fractured by the death of my father; it will take me a while of thinking to figure out how to to put it into words.

My children are amazing! Although Chase and Karley are overwhelming at times they are mine. I will be working on both of those requests...

Image  of heart tattoo via 
Image of lion crown tattoo via bing images