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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Take my crown

For you

I would take the crown
Off the throne of the world
And burn the mother fucker down
For you
Burn it down
For you

I would strip my soul bare
And throw it at your feet to use
For you
Strip my soul
For you

I would break my crown
And tear my palace down brick by brick
For you
Brick by brick
For you

And burn the mother fucker down
For you….

Chris McQueeney    5/3/12

I was asked to write about what happened to my family after my father passed away (by Green Monkey), and I will. I have also been asked to talk more about my two children (by KJ), and that I will also do.

To a certain extent our family was fractured by the death of my father; it will take me a while of thinking to figure out how to to put it into words.

My children are amazing! Although Chase and Karley are overwhelming at times they are mine. I will be working on both of those requests...

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Image of lion crown tattoo via bing images 


Anonymous said...

*whispered sigh*

i wish...
well i won't go into my wishes. :)

men who use expletives turn me the fuck
on! ;) i'm teasing!

i loved every goddamn word chris.

Brian Miller said...

dude...these are great lyrics...can hear them for sure....

and take your time man...would def like to hear about both...or whatever you want to are tough but they are also a blessing...

Nadja Notariani said...

Well. Oh.

I have to echo Lisa's nicely (ahem) worded.

Where can I find this man ...if I dare even believe he exists. Ha!

kj said...

what a rhythm to this, chris. it's a love song, that's for sure

correct spelling: tear not tare (i think)

here's my truth: i would rather love someone like this even more than be loved by them like this. i love feeling this kind of passion

and yes about your family and the kids. ♥

Ben Ditty said...

Powerful and true. Glad to be back here!

christopher said...

No question...this is a song and as good a lyric as any. All it needs to hit the modern form is what is called a bridge lyric somewhere in the middle, like in the third place, something like that... first and second, then bridge, then third.

Other Mary said...

Oh, this rocks Chris! (and kj is right about the spelling...tear is to rip and to weep...which makes that hukt on fonix stuff so hard).

She Writes Here Now said...

mmm hmmm, song lyrics, if ever I've heard 'em!

Green Monkey said...

ahhhhhh Chris. I'm really touched that you took my request to heart.

Love your fierce loyalty. I knew that about you before the poem but its nice to see it lined out.... very special!

Green Monkey said...

PS. are those your nipples? (sorry, overly focused on nipples - still)