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Friday, March 28, 2014

Fucking Friday

Nothing to do

Lifting the covers I leap
Anger so deep
Burns holes in my sleep
Nothing to do but
Listen to memory
Your voice I heard in symphony
Sympathy, pain,  frustration
More of the same
Different than the rest
You see it clear
I've seen you weep
Anger so dear
Holes sooo deep
When I dwell for long
Blanket covered tonight
no sleep
No sleep

Christopher McQueeney    3/28/14    5:19 P.M

Please dont take this as a representation of my day is a good day!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Take a walk


Take a walk
With me
Or someone else
Take a walk

Take a walk
With me
Maybe you'll see
Something new
Or familiar
Could be
Take a walk

Take a walk
With me
Maybe I'll see
Something new
Or familiar
Take a walk

Take a walk
With me
That's just
What I need
Someone to take
The time
To just
Take a walk with me

Christopher McQueeney    3/27/14    5:21 P.M.

This journey has been not like any I could have imagined...not to go into anything deep or messy I thought I would say hello to those that have stuck with me...ben, kj, brian and many more, thank you! I will try to get to your blogs more gaurentees though, if not please know that I am thinking of you all...................................................

I think I am going to work on expanding a fun piece of mine that was well received
and a creepy one, The Servants

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

life size eyes

The space  
between it's dreams
shattered scattered reams
Boundless worlds and infinity
words that slice, boundless
nice to be un bound by
life size eyes  blue
then green, blue again
the contest is on
but who will win
leather bound reams
or glass incased gin soaked dreams
the space between infinite
like reflection from the rear view
they are closer than they think

Christopher McQueeney

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

paper thin

paper thin thoughts
travel mile wide troughs
well deep worries
worn by rote
paper thin boats
bilge pump broke
tidel swolen backlog
barely float
paper thin eyeholes
trying only to squint glance
rain fouled lashes slash
wide berths in front of me
paper thin  cradels
carry my soul's note
sinkhole broke banks erode
market able ity cash outs
paper thin spliceings
life wide cracks spanning
memory gaps attaching
madness filled  backlit ranting
paper thin hopes
held together by
paper thin ropes
desolet island life raft  saving
my paper thin dreams