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Sunday, November 13, 2016

This life of mine...

I can see
In real time

I can see
The lie
in your eyes
In your smile
In the tears
As they dry
On your cheeks
that don't bend
I can see
What you think
How you feel
How you blink
How you sigh
How your chest
As your heart
Its last
I can see
and I think
AndI think
As a heart breaks
As it breaks
As it breaks
As as I watch
As I watch it
It breaks
Our love dies
And I think
This is what
A heart looks like
No more lies
As it Breaks
our love dies
As my heart breaks
As it breaks
 I watch it
In real time

Christopher McQueeney ©2016 WanderWithout Publications inc.
There is so much to write, so much...My Health is declining as my mind is slowly braking and I have barely been maintaining...two months ago I had to leave home to seek care for my has been a stange journey, and even though I have yet to accomplish what I set out for, I have experanced the best and the worst of humanity...there is a desperation in our country. It is not cominmg from thd very poor either. It is 

Friday, November 4, 2016


What says you

Listen for just a moment
I cant help but wonder
How is it we
Can be so close but just
Cant see
What is this thing
This thing between
You and me
To this very day
I feel it
Or the reminits of
The feeling that came
To me
All that I see
All that can be
Could be
Has been
Between you and me
It was more
Enough for me
Is a lot to greet
Every day
Had enough
To meet the end of things

Chris McQueeney ©11-4-16

My marriage was to me everything. My wife was the love of my life...of which there were three. Heather, Maliana, and Kendra, all broke parts of me on their way in, snd ripped gaing holes on theit way out. but evry one of them was worth it, by a mile.

Chris McQueeney

Friday, October 21, 2016

Greetings from the desert

Capable hands

Hello there
Third day of 39 here
Long ways
From yesterday
So far away
Time stops for no man
She is a fickle beast
Likes things
Nice and neat
When she's excited
She does bite
Likes a spank
Now and then
She shure is Purdy
Makes my heart skip
A beat
She has been hard on me
Surly hope
There is enough of her
For me to see
The look in my daughter's eyes
When she brings a life to be
In times capable hands

Chris McQueeney ©10-21-2016

Life is a curious thing. Walking down the road the other day, hundred pound pack on my back, a man started whistling at me. The neighborhood I was in was less than swanky. Don't get me wrong I am not above it, in fact it is a lot like the neighborhood I grew up in, it is just that usually when a stranger whistles at you in a neighborhood like that it isn't for wholesome reasons. I intended to ignore him but for some reason I looked across the busy four lane street and what I saw stopped me. The neighborhood was like my childhood, and the man reminded me of my godfather Lupe, so much so that I walked across the street to ask him how I could help him. His name is Juan, a Viet Nam Vet, marine, a good man. I knew none of that when we started speaking, and he probably will never know that I am publicly praising him, not because it is a secret, but because it would not occur to him that he deserves it. Juan put a roof over my head that day, I did not need it but the roof that I had secured had strings attached that I was sure would hurt me in the long run. His offer was simple, watch the place, keep it safe, and clean a little and you can stay here...I was leery at first, did a bit of due diligence to C.Y.O.A. but something about his genuine sincerity moved me just as much as his reminding me of my godfather did. I accepted his offer his, and it turned out to be a very good thing, the least being the roof he put over my head...

Juan a two time Purple Heart recipiant, paid his pound of flesh twice just so that pieces of shit like Donald trump can slander his ethnicity just to get votes from ignorant white people...because being a rich white douchebag sociopath is better than being a American of Hispanic decent decorated vet who knows what a real day of work means, and what the value of life is. Juan does not like his picture taken so I snuck a shot today...
Greetings from the desert

Monday, October 10, 2016

Just an idea

Walking in the middle of madness
Like playing poker
Not knowing
What your hand is
A straight
Or a straight flush
Sandbag or slowroll
No way to know
Where to stand
Just try to talk about it
All of a sudden
You're crazy
No longer fits
Sane people
Stop being rational
That did not work
To them
I never tried
Years of bumperbowling
To find a way
I (they) just thought of this today
Have you thought of
(You have to do as I say)
Its just an idea
A thought
You might (must) try it
Have it your way
I was just trying to help (control)
Have a good day

Christopher Michael McQueeney©2016