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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

in a shell

The world is a pearl
In an shell
Sitting on a shelf
I in a chair
All by my self
Watching the world
Its reigns
Used well
From my chair
I sit and stare
At that shell
A chamber
Some cal hell
The fear swells
The media it tells
Of sunshine
California wine
And terror
It is a post colonial bliss
Freedom's slight miss
A dream astray
A shelf
In a house
By myself
A pearl
This world
In a shell
Not a dream
Not a hell
Just a bauble
With a axis wobble
Tides and streams
Mountain trees
Here I sit
In this chair
Not a lazy boy for me
Old sparky
The chin strap is keeping
The words from spilling out
It wasn't me

Chris McQueeney ©2017

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