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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Day Before

The Land

Welcome back
To the land of the living
Your head
Finally broke water
Too bad you were
Out of sorts
We had built
Arround our hearts
These invisible forts
With trenches we broke
The ground
With blocks of stone
Laid just so
We used to protect
Our hearts and soul
From you
Welcome back
She said
To the land of the living
We're glad
You made it

Chris McQueeney.   5\26\14.   10:53 P.M.

Today is the day before the rest of my life; the day before I find out if I get to see my children. Over nine months it's been...nine long and unbelievably lonley months. I am hopeful and scared, and ready. I prey that these months will be just a blip in their memories and not long term trauma. Only time will tell the impact. I wrote a poem about what a poor soul I would be without them in my life...I've been soul sick since the day they were taken.

Friday, May 23, 2014

To You A Sacrifice

To You A Sacrifice

The pieces of life
To you a sacrifice
Each day I do make
Taking leftovers from you
Gladly I take those shards
sadly I fight to hard
for those shattered discards
pieces of eight scattered 
The pieces of life
Each day I do make
Such a sacrifice
you just will not take

Chris McQueeney    5\23/14   3:22  P.M.

Part of the path I have had to take over the last year has involved my going to jail. I haven't had to do much time at once just several small jaunts. Today Is the second to last time I will have to turn myself in to the local jail for a weekend stay. I am sitting at the local library using the computer and wondering how I will convince myself to go even though I know how thoroughly detestfull the jail thing is...well I will go, and I will follow the directions of the court because I agreed to do it and things could be worse. There you go...only took me the one sentence to get er done...while you are having your weekend frivolity think of me :-)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday thought

Blank slate

Trying to find
The Cre a tiv ity
Find it"s place
Where it lives in me
Blank slate
Empty state
Toss me In a pond
Watch the ripples
Find me
In their wake

Chris McQueeney    11:47 A.M.    5/22/14

I am nervous...Tuesday I may get the chance to see my children...I have to say the hardest thing I have ever had to do was to not go see them on my own...It's taken every ounce of my soul. Today I had someone important in the process say that he would stand in support of my getting to be in their lives. I am grateful and I almost started crying. I have to say the only thing at times that kept me on this planet was those two children. For the last nine months I have labored to repair my life to the point where they would get the person they need, their father. They have had to suffer the fallout from the destruction of my life. I understand some of what they have gone through because I experienced something similar at my daughter's age...There are differences, but in essence for long stretches of time I and my sister would not get to see our father and it fucked me up...missing him and not being able to be around him left huge gaps in my life that I swore my children would never have to suffer. But, life has a way, brutally at times, of letting you know that control is not in your hands. So, for the next few days I will sit on pins and needles awaiting the outcome of Tuesday's hearing...I am also embarking on a schedule of more writing so as to improve the condition of my writing. Wish me luck and please hold Chase and Karley in your prayers......................

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

maybe, maybe not


Twisting its way
Inside my outsides
Parting the skin
Skipping off bone
Elk horn worn
Slick from skin and sweat
Damascus folded
Steels my breath
With one F.I.N.E. thrust

Monday, May 19, 2014

Club Soda

Bacon alone does not a feast make

    As i climbed my way out of the pit the thought that these were not just random events happening, as if a grand design was unfolding wrought by a undoing seemed assured.Or so some would feel...not I though. This is like the relish on a hot dog...necessary for survival.
Not often do I get surprised like I did this morning.
    You may recall the fun I had with the sprites...that was a month ago. Just this morning As I read the paper artical about the rash of unexplained assaults in the Portland area, Oregon for the curious, someone rang the buzzer. what awaited me in the hallway was an empty two liter of club soda, Canada dry. now this wasn't just a random ding-dong-dash and even though I was living in a hovel of an apartment it wasn't just litter either; empty bottles meant cash, not much but still cash. But the tell tale sign that this wasn't just some kid playing a joke was the fact that the opening of the bottle was severely distended as if something had forced its way out of the small opening.
    No doubt about it, none at all. This particular bottle had held club wielding imps, and probably had been in the possession of one of the unexplained assault victims not so long ago. my only question was how it had made its way to my door. Clearly someone wanted to get my attention...or so I thought an hour later as I awoke half sprawled in the doorway to my apartment with a huge lump on my head and my face pressed against the hallway wall opposite my door.
    My next thought was I was going to have fun kicking the crap out of some imps for the nasty taste the grimy wall had left in my mouth. This one was calling for more than a Rasher of Bacon, I would also need to get some cheddar pringles and strawberry milk to celebrate the victory I was sure to have; everyone knows that bacon alone does not a feast make..........

Chris McQueeney    11:24 A.M.  5/19/14

This is the second installment in the Pop Wars Saga started by Ben Ditty with Sprite...followed by Rasher of Bacon

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dumb Joker

Horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks "why the long face?"
Laughing to himself he then says "your to dumb to answer anyway."
To which the horse replys "now see here you ignorant schmuck if we let you humans know we could talk you would never shut the fuck up...all we want is for you to hurry up get on, have your little ride, then get the fuck off. Just shut the fuck up pour me a burban and lite me a cigarette; a cowboy rode me all day and finally got exausted!"

Chris McQueeney 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Day

Take My Life

Broken and torn
I gave my life away
I cant live this way
Cant imagine enduring
Another day

Broken and torn
I gave my life away
Couldn't live and tried to say
If you make me leave
It's a trip that's one way

Broken and torn
Battered and beaten
I gave my life away
But you had to have me
Your way
The one out for me
Wasn't the one you needed

Broken and torn
I tried to give you my life that day
But you wouldn't have it
Not then not that way
Broken no more
Beaten but not torn
I have to say thank you God
for another day

Chris McQueeney    5/16/14    3:44 P.M.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why question... civil rights are for all

On the field

Smear the queer
Was the game
They played
On the field
Each and every day
Catch the ball
You would get paid
Black eye loose tooth
Purple and blue
Bruised to stay
No ball in your hand're not gay
Heard on the radio
Just today
Gay marriage is legal in Idaho
No smear the queer
What a good day

Christopher McQueeney    5\14\14    5:00 P.M.

I live in Oregon and the issue of Gay marriage is on the news due to a lawsuit about the legitimacy of the ban on it that has been put in place. Riding in the car yesterday I heard the most amazing news, Idaho had made it legal for gay couples to tie the knot. That is so far from what I remember as a child that I literally shouted WOW about three times.
Picture a school yard, freshly mowed grass, wide open space. Now see the children. A good sized group in fact, bunched together. Twenty nine smiling shouting children, one running for dear life...the game was called smear the queer. The "queer" was the child unlucky enough to have been passed the ball. The rest of the children were overjoyed not to be in that position because the object of the game was for the rest of the players to tackle the "queer" and smear him into the ground.
That was an openly accepted children's game, Smear the queer. now thirty years later those children who are now adults voted for the freedom for gay's to join there partners in marriage...have I mentioned that Idaho is one of the more conservative states. Oregon on the other hand is one of the more liberal. I applaud Idaho in their decision, and challenge Oregon to stop stomping on the civil liberties of the LGBT communities.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Until One Day It Was Gone

Until One Day It Was Gone

In the tree of
My life
On view
I write for you
This eu-lo-gy,
Not for me
Of course,
But instead
For the horse
I rode in on.
Too many
Months now
He rode, and wow
What a job
Did he!
No longer needed
His life force
Ebbed; receded,
Until one day
It was gone...

Chris McQueeney  5/12/14    10:48  P.M.

Here is the song that I have been hearing for the last few days  where did you sleep last night as played by Nirvana in their last live performance Nirvana Unplugged in New York

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

there but for the grace

Now trying the just plane desktop app from my phone....lets see how it works

works amazingly well from what i can see....the pic was taken while writing this post.

Got the oppertunity to help an alcoholic get to the er for detox yesterday...all i have to say about that is but for the graceof god there go I

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New phone

So, I got this new phone and it has a blogger app....I figured I would give it a whirl to get the feel of it. I am very much of the opinion that other than update posts I wont be using this fact I think i am going to erase it from my phone...too bad I was hoping to like it. Oh well, no poetics today but i chose to bitch about something i got,lol

Monday, May 5, 2014

dish up a rump

Salvador Dali's Chair With The Wings Of A Vulture, 1960
Chosen by Tess Kincaid as a prompt for Magpie Tales - Mag 218

What you see

You might see a chair
With wings so fair
What I see 
Is probably far from thee
Dinner was served
You can see
Without the hors d'oeuvres 
Or a side dish
At all
Its not the dinner chair I see, 
More likely to me
Tiz the whooping chair
Set for fourteen rumps 
Or more

Christhopher  McQueeney    5/5/2014    3:47  P.M.

Each week Tess offers a prompt to inspire poetry.

The magic of today's technology is going to be my saving grace. I went ans picked up a new phone with the help of my grandmother. With the phone I am going to be able to schedule all of my various dr appointments and legal obligations without the fear that I will be missing anything important. using Google calender is all new to me so it will be a learning experience. I have run into some serious issues due to my short term memorie retention so this is a great weight off of my shoulders. now with a poem and a post complete i get to play:-)