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Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Day

Take My Life

Broken and torn
I gave my life away
I cant live this way
Cant imagine enduring
Another day

Broken and torn
I gave my life away
Couldn't live and tried to say
If you make me leave
It's a trip that's one way

Broken and torn
Battered and beaten
I gave my life away
But you had to have me
Your way
The one out for me
Wasn't the one you needed

Broken and torn
I tried to give you my life that day
But you wouldn't have it
Not then not that way
Broken no more
Beaten but not torn
I have to say thank you God
for another day

Chris McQueeney    5/16/14    3:44 P.M.


Ben Ditty said...

I thank him too, for another day, another poem, and life. Great words, Chris.

Brian Miller said...

i like how you go from being unsure of another day to being thankful for much possibility in one more day...

Wander said...

Thank you ben

Wander said...

Yeah brian...the whole world rests in one more day