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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Day Before

The Land

Welcome back
To the land of the living
Your head
Finally broke water
Too bad you were
Out of sorts
We had built
Arround our hearts
These invisible forts
With trenches we broke
The ground
With blocks of stone
Laid just so
We used to protect
Our hearts and soul
From you
Welcome back
She said
To the land of the living
We're glad
You made it

Chris McQueeney.   5\26\14.   10:53 P.M.

Today is the day before the rest of my life; the day before I find out if I get to see my children. Over nine months it's been...nine long and unbelievably lonley months. I am hopeful and scared, and ready. I prey that these months will be just a blip in their memories and not long term trauma. Only time will tell the impact. I wrote a poem about what a poor soul I would be without them in my life...I've been soul sick since the day they were taken.


Brian Miller said...

ah, i hope you get to see them...for your sake...sounds like you have been following through with what you need to, so maybe...

Wander said...

Thanks brian

kj said...

I don't pray per se a lot but I 'm praying a lot for you and the kids. That's a long time apart and I hope and pray the sadness of that fades and becomes everything good

Hoping for you , Chris