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Monday, May 5, 2014

dish up a rump

Salvador Dali's Chair With The Wings Of A Vulture, 1960
Chosen by Tess Kincaid as a prompt for Magpie Tales - Mag 218

What you see

You might see a chair
With wings so fair
What I see 
Is probably far from thee
Dinner was served
You can see
Without the hors d'oeuvres 
Or a side dish
At all
Its not the dinner chair I see, 
More likely to me
Tiz the whooping chair
Set for fourteen rumps 
Or more

Christhopher  McQueeney    5/5/2014    3:47  P.M.

Each week Tess offers a prompt to inspire poetry.

The magic of today's technology is going to be my saving grace. I went ans picked up a new phone with the help of my grandmother. With the phone I am going to be able to schedule all of my various dr appointments and legal obligations without the fear that I will be missing anything important. using Google calender is all new to me so it will be a learning experience. I have run into some serious issues due to my short term memorie retention so this is a great weight off of my shoulders. now with a poem and a post complete i get to play:-)



Kathe W. said...

ouch! Better finish my dinner!

Brian Miller said...

i am glad you will have a way to help you be where you need...and hopefully it will help you get time with your fam too...

Berowne said...

Rousing response to the prompt...

Tess Kincaid said...

Giggle...little tiny rumps...