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Friday, May 23, 2014

To You A Sacrifice

To You A Sacrifice

The pieces of life
To you a sacrifice
Each day I do make
Taking leftovers from you
Gladly I take those shards
sadly I fight to hard
for those shattered discards
pieces of eight scattered 
The pieces of life
Each day I do make
Such a sacrifice
you just will not take

Chris McQueeney    5\23/14   3:22  P.M.

Part of the path I have had to take over the last year has involved my going to jail. I haven't had to do much time at once just several small jaunts. Today Is the second to last time I will have to turn myself in to the local jail for a weekend stay. I am sitting at the local library using the computer and wondering how I will convince myself to go even though I know how thoroughly detestfull the jail thing is...well I will go, and I will follow the directions of the court because I agreed to do it and things could be worse. There you go...only took me the one sentence to get er done...while you are having your weekend frivolity think of me :-)


Brian Miller said...

hope all goes well this weekend on the inside...i am glad you are following did you get to see the kids?

kj said...

A day at a time....

It's the moving forward that makes all the difference . Welcome back , Chris


Ben Ditty said...

In my thoughts as always, my friend.

christopher said...

Just now saw it. My weekend wasn't so frivolous but I was no doubt more comfortable. You are doing your jail in pieces that I experienced one time. I had nowhere to live so for me it was three hots and a cot but the cell was way overcrowded and if something nasty happened it would have been even worse because it was a four man cell with fourteen people in it. That was January, 1967.

Other Mary said...

Sorry I haven't kept up with your posts Chris. I'm reading backwards so I already know the happy ending. Thank God, otherwise this would break my heart. I'm glad you came out on the other side alive and mostly well. x