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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Little ones

Stay the world’s hand

They play as if the world
Was away over there
Not caring a whit
Or even a bit
About the struggle
We have to face
Every day
Stay that way
Little ones
Don’t let the world
Have its way with you
Stay the world’s hand
Live in wonder and warmth
Carry with you
The you you were today

Chris McQueeney    5/31/15

Friday, May 29, 2015

waz up

The Dragon

Lay with me
You said
In that
Come fuck me voice
Stay with me
You said
As if I
Had any choice
Prey with me
You said
We will make some
White noise
I would do that
You know
Lay my fear filled soul
At your feet
And go
Out to kill the dragon

Chris McQueeney

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Flagging the vein

Image result for Junkie's arm

Long time past

It takes the rig
Then gets back up 
Pull the plunger
Feel the vein
Looking for that
Old time rush again
Wipe the blood
Off the skin
Looking for that
Old time rush again
Steal some time
You have already
Crossed that line
Long time past
Drawn in the sand
Wish there were
Some kind of stand
But that is too much
For this back ally mind
Stumble step
One more time
To the corner 
Where you can find
That old time rush again
Just this

Chris McQueeney    5/24/2015

That is the obsession of every addict...just one more time. I can get away with it one more time. and like that many ride it all the way to the grave....

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Come on a little journey with me

Image result for the way of things

The way of things

Waves are for ocean sized regrets
Sail on by with your ignorance intact
Blunder your way through the troughs
And peaks
Who needs enlightenment anyway
We go through our every day
Not knowing our head from our ass
But if you ask us we are an expert
Listen to us blather on and on
About absolutely nothing of substance
That is the way of things now a days
Just listen to the talk box for a minute
They will tell you all about it
But they don’t have a fucking clue
What it is really like out there
It’s kind of hard to skype
When you are living under a bridge
Facebook pales
When your biggest trouble is
Where to get your next meal
Or how are you going to get the doctors
To listen to you this time
When you tell them that something is wrong
But if it is something they just can’t see
Can’t quite quantify
They may just throw a dart at the board
And you have to pray
They get it right this time
Begging for it to just be over

Chris McQueeney   5/16/15

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance (lyrics)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Adult Content

Image result for alight

I might

I want to fight
Or fuck
I want to set this world
I don’t know
I might
I might
Fuck my world up

That's right
all I wanna do
or fight
don't get in my way
you wanna 

Chris McQueeney    5/12/15

Don't know why...I just want to cuss. For no other reason than I think it would feel good to shout fuck a time or two. And I want candy. Lol, I know ...makes no sense, but fuck it I wanna!  

Friday, May 1, 2015

That thin blue line

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The death of Freddy Grey

That line
The line has been
Drawn in the sand
Between what is right
And what is wrong
Standing there
With their hands
In the air
Are the huddling masses
Fed up with
The injustices of the day
You think it was all solved
In the civil rights era
But the echoes
Of the past
Ring true to this very day
That line
That thin blue line
Has been drawn in the sand
And promptly
The masses stepped
Right the fuck over it
What cha think about that
You who watch safely
From your couch
While bricks and fire fly
And chaos reigns
Murder was claimed
And murder it shall remain
Raise your hands in his name
Rise up to the death
Of Freddy Grey

Chris McQueeney    5/1/15

    As you sit there watching the excitement from the comfort and safety of your own homes remember a man was sentenced to death without the due process that our constitution affords us. Freddy Grey was murdered by the same people who were hired to make their community safe. Those officers should by the very nature of their job be held to a higher standard. Don't let the circus distract from what really happened...A man without jury or trial was murdered while in police custody. 
    We should be angry, the man,Freddy Grey, committed no capital crime, had no trial, was not judged by a jury of his peers. He should be in the history books as the spark that lit the fire's of change. The shield worn on those officers chests should have stood for justice not murder. Grieve with his family and his community. 
    And to those who try to blame the victim, Freddy Grey, for his own murder...for shame, he committed no crime worthy of his death!