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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Flagging the vein

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Long time past

It takes the rig
Then gets back up 
Pull the plunger
Feel the vein
Looking for that
Old time rush again
Wipe the blood
Off the skin
Looking for that
Old time rush again
Steal some time
You have already
Crossed that line
Long time past
Drawn in the sand
Wish there were
Some kind of stand
But that is too much
For this back ally mind
Stumble step
One more time
To the corner 
Where you can find
That old time rush again
Just this

Chris McQueeney    5/24/2015

That is the obsession of every addict...just one more time. I can get away with it one more time. and like that many ride it all the way to the grave....

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