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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Come on a little journey with me

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The way of things

Waves are for ocean sized regrets
Sail on by with your ignorance intact
Blunder your way through the troughs
And peaks
Who needs enlightenment anyway
We go through our every day
Not knowing our head from our ass
But if you ask us we are an expert
Listen to us blather on and on
About absolutely nothing of substance
That is the way of things now a days
Just listen to the talk box for a minute
They will tell you all about it
But they don’t have a fucking clue
What it is really like out there
It’s kind of hard to skype
When you are living under a bridge
Facebook pales
When your biggest trouble is
Where to get your next meal
Or how are you going to get the doctors
To listen to you this time
When you tell them that something is wrong
But if it is something they just can’t see
Can’t quite quantify
They may just throw a dart at the board
And you have to pray
They get it right this time
Begging for it to just be over

Chris McQueeney   5/16/15

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