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Friday, May 1, 2015

That thin blue line

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The death of Freddy Grey

That line
The line has been
Drawn in the sand
Between what is right
And what is wrong
Standing there
With their hands
In the air
Are the huddling masses
Fed up with
The injustices of the day
You think it was all solved
In the civil rights era
But the echoes
Of the past
Ring true to this very day
That line
That thin blue line
Has been drawn in the sand
And promptly
The masses stepped
Right the fuck over it
What cha think about that
You who watch safely
From your couch
While bricks and fire fly
And chaos reigns
Murder was claimed
And murder it shall remain
Raise your hands in his name
Rise up to the death
Of Freddy Grey

Chris McQueeney    5/1/15

    As you sit there watching the excitement from the comfort and safety of your own homes remember a man was sentenced to death without the due process that our constitution affords us. Freddy Grey was murdered by the same people who were hired to make their community safe. Those officers should by the very nature of their job be held to a higher standard. Don't let the circus distract from what really happened...A man without jury or trial was murdered while in police custody. 
    We should be angry, the man,Freddy Grey, committed no capital crime, had no trial, was not judged by a jury of his peers. He should be in the history books as the spark that lit the fire's of change. The shield worn on those officers chests should have stood for justice not murder. Grieve with his family and his community. 
    And to those who try to blame the victim, Freddy Grey, for his own murder...for shame, he committed no crime worthy of his death!  

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