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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The sound

The sound flows
Through me to my center
And crunches into my heart
Like a head on into a pile of bricks
Please stop
If you don’t you’ll die
Stop your killing me
I would say
No but if you insist
We can work something out
Work it out
And get back to me

With what you think
Thank you come again 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Try as we might

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Wandering in the land of poets
is a fine place to be
every corner filled...terse
Jump from verse to verse

Jump from verse to verse
feeling the whole time
that things could be worse
and they could be
...worse...much worse

...worse...much worse
how do we measure these things
if we were going to be fair
we give it all the same weight
we do that, but at the same time
how can it all even out

How can it all even out
if the trials we face
are all different
and the monsters
behind the closed doors
are all different

Try as we might
only so fair can we be

Two fer today

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 I've numbed the pain
Of the blows you sent
After all these years

This is where I went
I've had some time
To contemplate 
How you fit in
And what's on my plate 
I've decided here
It isn't too late
Time enough to steer 
Back to steady roads

Chris McQueeney    3/29/15

Well through

Tongue tied
I stand twisted about
Your self was in my way
Your self was in my way
But I made it past
With room to spare
Why you had to be
In that place
I hope I never find out
I stood twisted
For only a moment
But it was enough
To get my riles up
My hackles were all
A stir
But it was only for the briefest
Of moments
Then I was past
And through
Your stir of self
Your influence was sparce
And thin
And I am well through
With it

Chris McQueeney    3/30/15

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tune it up

Tune it up

Turn it up
I want to hear that shit
Make the room thump
Turn it up
I want to hear that shit
Make the house bump
Turn it up
I want to hear that shit
Turn it way the fuck up
Goes the thump
Bump goes the trunk
Turn it up
I want to hear that shit
I want to feel it in my bones
You know what I am talking about
Feel me up
Run me down
Let the sound pump
Jump the gaps dump the tracks
Turn it up
I want to hear that shit
Turn it way the fuck up

Chris McQueeney    3/27/15

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Childs fancy

You come equipped

Playground slayer
Chunked wood layer
You got your lance 
As well as your shield
You come equipped
With a Jump rope whip
All the ground from
Blacktop to blacktop
Is your domain
Other travelers may
Unlawfully traverse
What you rule
By birth’s decree
 your accouterments
May be hailed as a child’s
Fancy, but not by you

Chris McQueeney 10/4/14

ride the rails

Choo choo

the train has left the tracks
rumbling off it's rails
It just cant make it back
Watch it as it tumbles past
Derailments are not an every day occurrence
Watch as the engine meets the caboose
Do they say hello or is it goodbye
One wonders these things
As they happen only now and then
The train has left the rails
And is off the tracks
Never mind the passengers
They have no say in the matter
Makes one leery about riding the rails

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Tell me again

Tell me you love me again
you fickle creature
as if love was a shield
protecting all your soft spots
as if you could move 
with your love
staying in place
your place also saved by 
your fickle love
one minute is all you need
to plaster your need 
all over the place
You tempt me even though
I know pain
pain filled love from a fickle source
Rocks are solid
unless they roll
And again you are there 
with your love filled eyes
pinning me down again
penning me down again

Chris McQueeney    3/24/15

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The tri tip

The three of you

There is only one of me
But there are three of you
How do you expect me to keep up
You run roughshod over me
Through me
And under me
You are underhanded
Without even trying
It’s just the nature of you
You pick up my pieces
And look at them like
You have no idea
What you are about to pitch over your shoulder
You know I can tell
But you find yourself just so far
Above me behind me below me
I haven’t a chance in the world
I hadn’t a chance from the very start
There is just one of me
No match

For the three of you

Chris McQueeney    3/22/15

Friday, March 20, 2015

spring is morning

Spring is morning and the end of nights
So she said
As she lay there all akimbo
And the end of nights is all we have
Any more
All her thoughts were a twirl
Worrying at her like a dog at a bone
At times landing
At others flying over her place
In this world
Is it here is it there
She couldn't decide
And that's the crux of the matter
She couldn't decide
And in her indecision was a decision
In and of itself

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Follow that Dream

Image result for This dream that dream

This dream That dream

It is all a dream
Some days
It is all I can do
Not to cry out
Why me Lord
Why me
On other days
Like today
I give thanks
For what I have gotten
And for what
I don’t have
Thank you Lord

Chris McQueeney    3/19/15

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Twenty eight years

Death she takes

Death she takes her time
May seem quick to you but she
Never makes mistakes

Death she takes from me
Everything I have and all
I will ever be

Death she takes her time
In all of it she seems true
Watch her as she works

Death she takes her toll
Eternity is her coin
She spends it wisely

Chris McQueeney 3/16/15

Today my dad would have, if he had lived, twenty eight years sober...he was my, and is my inspiration for being a sober member of society...he had a lot of sayings that he lived by but the one that sticks with me was Pass it on. so today I am reminded of the good that he lived by and the good he passed away with. One day while doing some yard work I said to my dad that I hated rewinding the hose that I hated to do that particular chore. His response to me was that I should do it first to get it over with. That was how he lived his life. Love you Dad!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Robot like reflexes

Robot like reflexes

Robot like reflexes
Hurky jerky all twirly whirly
Like a spastic child
On sugar
Watch him try to walk
Would be a laugh
If it weren’t so tragic
Would you keep on trying
Were it you
I bet you would have
A hard time of it
Robot like reflexes
Hurkey jerky all twirly whirly
Like an old man
On crank
Watch him try to breathe
Would be a joke
If it weren’t so tragic
Would be a joke
If it weren’t so tragic

Chris McQueeney    3/16/15

Sunday, March 15, 2015

every day

Fuck it all up

We are one
you and I
we are one with the
center of it all
we are one
we can't agree
with each other
we are one
but not all the time
you see the flipside
as up
and I see the river
we were one
all that time
it only takes once
to fuck it all up
we are one
and the same
while at the same time
we were the same until
until that one time
like has already been stated
it only takes once
to fuck it all up

Wander    3/15/15    7:24 P.M.

I havent checked in for a while. I have been having a time of it I tell you...well not really. I am on a fairly high dosage of some medications and they steal my writing from me. It is frustrating to sit down at the computer and have nothing come to mind, expecially knowing that there should be something there. aside from that some good things have been happening..........................

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shut up for a moment and let me think

I look at you

And I see the truth
Of your lies
You know you don’t have to
Tell me the truth
Why bother
You’ll just fuck it up anyway
What is your truth
Sweat it for a minute
And think I am buying it
But the truth is so much fuller than your
Give it a try for size
Slip it on like a warm glove
And twirl it around the block
You might find it easier a fit
Than lying

Chris McQueeney    3/3/15    10:02  P.M.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Getting on it

Make it special

Let’s get rowdy
I want to tear shit
And down the streets
Let’s get rowdy
And fucking break
Come on and go out
With me
Let us do some
Fill up your bag
With random shit
To throw
Get that throwing arm
We gonna put some use
To it
Let’s tear shit up tonight
See us through the night
To start all over again tomorrow
Just one night of mayhem
Feel me there
At your side through it all
Let’s get rowdy
Fuck because I don’t need no reason
I just wanna break shit
And I need you there
To make it special

Chris McQueeney