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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Twenty eight years

Death she takes

Death she takes her time
May seem quick to you but she
Never makes mistakes

Death she takes from me
Everything I have and all
I will ever be

Death she takes her time
In all of it she seems true
Watch her as she works

Death she takes her toll
Eternity is her coin
She spends it wisely

Chris McQueeney 3/16/15

Today my dad would have, if he had lived, twenty eight years sober...he was my, and is my inspiration for being a sober member of society...he had a lot of sayings that he lived by but the one that sticks with me was Pass it on. so today I am reminded of the good that he lived by and the good he passed away with. One day while doing some yard work I said to my dad that I hated rewinding the hose that I hated to do that particular chore. His response to me was that I should do it first to get it over with. That was how he lived his life. Love you Dad!

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