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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Tell me again

Tell me you love me again
you fickle creature
as if love was a shield
protecting all your soft spots
as if you could move 
with your love
staying in place
your place also saved by 
your fickle love
one minute is all you need
to plaster your need 
all over the place
You tempt me even though
I know pain
pain filled love from a fickle source
Rocks are solid
unless they roll
And again you are there 
with your love filled eyes
pinning me down again
penning me down again

Chris McQueeney    3/24/15

1 comment:

Wine and Words said...

I wish love weren't fickle. But so often it is. We can't let it pin us down. Rise above. Find better love. I don't know. Relationships are hard, eh?