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Monday, March 30, 2015

Two fer today

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 I've numbed the pain
Of the blows you sent
After all these years

This is where I went
I've had some time
To contemplate 
How you fit in
And what's on my plate 
I've decided here
It isn't too late
Time enough to steer 
Back to steady roads

Chris McQueeney    3/29/15

Well through

Tongue tied
I stand twisted about
Your self was in my way
Your self was in my way
But I made it past
With room to spare
Why you had to be
In that place
I hope I never find out
I stood twisted
For only a moment
But it was enough
To get my riles up
My hackles were all
A stir
But it was only for the briefest
Of moments
Then I was past
And through
Your stir of self
Your influence was sparce
And thin
And I am well through
With it

Chris McQueeney    3/30/15

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