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Sunday, March 15, 2015

every day

Fuck it all up

We are one
you and I
we are one with the
center of it all
we are one
we can't agree
with each other
we are one
but not all the time
you see the flipside
as up
and I see the river
we were one
all that time
it only takes once
to fuck it all up
we are one
and the same
while at the same time
we were the same until
until that one time
like has already been stated
it only takes once
to fuck it all up

Wander    3/15/15    7:24 P.M.

I havent checked in for a while. I have been having a time of it I tell you...well not really. I am on a fairly high dosage of some medications and they steal my writing from me. It is frustrating to sit down at the computer and have nothing come to mind, expecially knowing that there should be something there. aside from that some good things have been happening..........................

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