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Thursday, February 26, 2015

just hanging out

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The hanging tree

I see you there
just hanging out
we had plans 
but not like this
I see you there
just hanging out
where is that 
bright light you offered up
Where are the crowds 
they should have shown up by now
what were you thinking
placing all your eggs 
in that one basket
you told me to meet you here
why would you do that to me
let alone anyone else
I came upon you just now
with that permanent vacant grin 
I will remember you for this
that is for sure
I wish I had forgone 
this last meetup 
your face is set for eternity
I see you there
in the hanging tree
and there forever you shall stay
dancing in the hanging tree

Chris McQueeney    2/26/15

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday's post

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Just left of right

I am on the left side
Of right
Off center just a bit
Like those V-8 commercials
Walking with a decided lean
But it will take a lot more
Than a glass of V-8
To get me straight
You perturb me
Bent my nose out of shape
Why did you have to be so
Downright nasty
Why not take a softer stance
It would be nice to have a conscience
Like yours
Just be able to run roughshod
Over people and not even grimace
With ease and poise
Destroy all you purvey
I left leaning
Just left of center
You went easy on me   

Chris McQueeney    2/25/15    7:34 P.M.

Friday, February 20, 2015



We all do it
The waiting game
Hurry up to wait
Just a moment please
The waiting game
The clock clicks its way
Around its face
Hands ticking
Time tripping
Playing the waiting game
Watch the hours melt away
Going day by day
Playing the
Waiting game

Chris McQueeney    2/20/15    12:44 P.M.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

On your skin

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On your skin

I have forgot the scent of roses
On your skin
I have forgot the gentle glow
Of your skin
Only fragments are left to me
The sound of your voice
Escapes me
The feel of your hair
But then it all
Comes crushing back to me
In an instant
And I am right back there holding you
So close
And I remember
Oh I remember the scent of rose petals
On your skin

Chris McQueeney    2/18/15    6:44 P.M.

I have been awarded the perfect poet award and have accepted it go here for Hyde park poetry 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


And turmoil

And there she was
Slumbering in her gentle revere
Not a care in the world
More than sleep
She was getting rest
Rest that fickle creature
One minute it is your friend
Then it deserts you
And in its wake leaves only restlessness
And turmoil

Chris McQueeney     2/18/15    9:50 A.M.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Critical mass

Times were once
When we could
Find ourselves by
Looking at each other
Times were once
That we could find
Ourselves by looking
At our surroundings
Times were once
But no longer
No longer do we find
The simple path from
One end to the other
Just because
No more go the days of ease
Now is a time of critical mass
Now we would be lucky
To find our selves

Chris McQueeney 1-13-15

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Fortune's wind

Don't you see it there
Yup right over there
The money tree
Didn't you know
That money grows on trees
All we need do
Is reach up there any time
And grab a handful
To do with as we wish
Didn't you know that fortune's wind
Blows through here
Taking misfortune out of the way
And money trees flourish
Fortune be in your favor
Any time you are here
And I have ocean front property
Just too bad it is in Arizona
Wanna see?
I'll show you if you're nice
Then we can go harvest
The money tree in fortune's gentle wind

Chris McQueeney 2/14/15 2:06 P.M.

Friday, February 13, 2015


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You are

You are the magnet to my
Lode stone
You draw me out
Of my steely reserve
Does the devil speak to you
Do you hear his little inklings
When it is quiet
Does your soul reach out magnetic
To his quiet voice
I hear you loud and clear
Your voice rings through my soul
Drawn on like nothing I have ever held
Your voice rings through my soul
Lifting me then throwing me down again
And again and again
Throwing me off your lines magnetic
Then bringing me back again

Chris McQueeney    2/13/15    10:22 A.M.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

on glass

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On glass they were

They dance
         On glass
      leap and twirl
Among scattered shards
        Their tattered feet
            Barely touching down
Whole worlds scattered
At their feet as they twirl  
             They dance
As if that was all there was
             They dance
As if nothing stood in their way
                 As if nothing
                                         As if
Whole worlds at their feet
The shattered remnants
              Of normal lives
Scattered as if by a strong hand
              A madman’s hand
Look at them twirl
As if there wasn’t a care in the world
                                          As if
They dance

Chris McQueeney   2/11/15