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Thursday, February 26, 2015

just hanging out

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The hanging tree

I see you there
just hanging out
we had plans 
but not like this
I see you there
just hanging out
where is that 
bright light you offered up
Where are the crowds 
they should have shown up by now
what were you thinking
placing all your eggs 
in that one basket
you told me to meet you here
why would you do that to me
let alone anyone else
I came upon you just now
with that permanent vacant grin 
I will remember you for this
that is for sure
I wish I had forgone 
this last meetup 
your face is set for eternity
I see you there
in the hanging tree
and there forever you shall stay
dancing in the hanging tree

Chris McQueeney    2/26/15


Brian Miller said...

yikes...kinda scary...imagining those eyes to be very much like every other dead man i have ever looked in the eye...

kj said...

move on move on!