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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

mid month ramblings

I can do that

They are sick
Bless their poor little hearts
I feel so helpless
And they need you
Like at no other time
They need you
What can I do though
I can try to give medicine
But what do I do when that
Doesn't work
There is one tried and true
That may not heal all ills
I can be there
I can sing them off tune songs
Lullabies to ease the mind
I can be there with the love that I will
Never leave behind
And I can hold them
Without showing my fear
And pain
I can do that
I can do that

Chris McQueeney    12/13/14


christopher said...

Bless you.

Brian Miller said...

there are plenty of times as a parent i feel helpless...and wonder what i can do...and i do just what i can...and leave it to higher powers to figure out the rest...