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Sunday, February 1, 2015

In the sun

In the sun

I Journey in the sun
Rest with the moon
Across a midnight sky I stretch
Noon day you will see me

A journey of words
Finding that I know very little
In that midnight sky
Some peace
That is peace of soul
I close my eyes and see
That noon day sun blazing across my sky
It is easy to see
What so easily I missed in my noontide travels

I rest with the moon
And journey with the sun
I find them fit companions
Squinting in my noontime travels
I see you stark outlined
You I could find space for in the midnight hours
Could that you would see beyond the glair
Come journey with me
See the vistas open like petals on a flower
And the softening of all the edges

Rest with me but a moment
Then race across the sky with me
I journey with the sun
And rest with the moon
There is space enough for two on this ride
Take to the sky with me

Chris McQueeney    2/1/15    5:35 P.M.

I was inspired to write this after reading a poem by Mary Bach…she is a gifted poet and a good photographer go heck out her work here


Brian Miller said...

its a cool journey you describe in your words..and very cool images that you chose to go with it...glad there is some extra room...i may hitch a ride...

Other Mary said...

Very cool piece, Chris. I'm honored that my helped in any way to inspire you. And thanks for the mention.