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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Brail for you to read

You don’t have to try
To skinny yourself
Up or rather down to size
Making yourself invisible
To their eyes this time
I know you have past times
And I understand how they hurt
Never do you have
To feel that way again
Just for once Be right sized
But what does that mean Anyway
You don’t have to try
Any longer
Just have to fit those genes
You were born with A double helix you
Have to contend with
This time go for broke
Because in some ways You are broken
Heal up some
And let those cracks close of their Own accord
Making their healed ridges
Like some kind of wicked brail
Each line a story in suffering
And triumph laid out there
For all to feel
Get your hands in there
You don’t have to do it all alone
Just humble yourself a bit and ask, just ask
And you might just find that everyone
Has their own storied brail for you to read

Chris Mcqueeney    1/31/15    2:07 P.M.

1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

our scars are our stories...and the breaking and healing tell of the life we have lived...and that we are...still living...