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Friday, January 2, 2015

Took a day off

First round

What the fuck can I do
With it anyways
You already said no to me
In a while I will try again
Tempting you with my self
Will you be gentle
With my lines
Or will you be rough
Ruffling my feathers with your
Intense gaze along linier paths
Will you find me offensive
Bating you on your last nerve
Or with you can I stay whole
Launching a new path
New Year like
Will you be fair to my colors
Or better yet will you
Just walk with me a while
To get everything in prospective
Before you try me on for size
Maybe I am a fit on the first try
May I be a fit companion
Fit enough to at least make it
Past the first round

Chris McQueeney    1/2/15


kj said...

i like this one a lot, chris.

i hope whoever says okay :^)


Shadow said...