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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Toothfull smile

To rot went the plan

The years preyed upon me
Leaving only debris in their wake
It appeared as if they wandered
Willy nilly
But there was a design
It takes a jaded heart to see the
Truth of the path taken
What seemed random chance
Was actually the plan
Not my plan, to rot went my plan
I would live the life of ease
If I could
Would you were you in my place
Go forth into the sands of the years with your
Head held high
Head held high
For all the world to see
And judge
Yesss to judge the ravages that time left in its wake

Chris McQueeney   12/12/14

M this is thursday and in four days I am getting my teeth pulled, nine of them. The oral surgeon will be ravaging my mouth for about an hour. Then I am getting false teeth  on my uppers. I am not looking forward to the pain, nor am I liking the fact that I am getting knocked out for the affair. I have a fear of being sedated like that. the fear is that I wont wake from the procedure. But I have all sorts of doomsday fears like that one...every time I get into a car I have the fear that I will get into an accident and will die. Those fears are a byproduct of the brain damage I got when I was injured on the job. I never had fears as strong or as pervasive before getting crippled on the job. But enough of all that, I am getting necessary work done. I will be able to eat real food again. Raw vegetables have been beyond me for some time and other foods have been so painful that I haven't even been willing to try them for some time now. I wish I didn't need this work done, but since I do I will go about it with my head held high and soon to be toothfull smile on my face.

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