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Friday, January 9, 2015


Human as human

I loved you more than anyone
Why did you have to go
And leave me behind
I miss you
More than I can put to words
Times were less complicated
They were easier
Why did you have to go
At times I cry
And mourn you
Last year I got drunk to your
And I got drunk
At you
How could you leave so soon
You didn’t get to see
Them or me grow to be
Human just human as
You wanted me to be

Chris McQueeney    1/1/15

Got some news yesterday that I was approved for housing at a place that I had applied for. This is huge news that followed some other huge claim for Social Security was also approved. I have been living off of nothing for so long that I almost dont know how to handle the news, almost! I am so stoked by the news. Also I am going to be able to have my children come stay with me, hell yeah! good news on top of good news, I like........

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Other Mary said...

A poignant write, Chris. Congrats on your very, very good news! I'm happy for you.