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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The kid

You left me

In the lurch
What the fuck
Is up with that
You left me
Left me to my own
Left me to find my
Own way
In this circus

I knelt before your alter
And put up my offering
For you to take or leave
And you left
Left me broke
Battered and bruised
Sitting in my own skin
Feeling used
What the fuck
Is up with that
Again I ask
Why did you leave
Was I wrong
To think that you
Had intent
In your actions
Speaking volumes
Towards this situation

You had intent in your actions
And you left me
To sit here
But healing

Chris McQueeney    1/1/15

With my kids son has had kind of a rough day. That is ok he will get over it......

1 comment:

Shadow said...

Oh the influence of others on us, can be quite powerful...