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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Mag 256

Image courtisy of Tess at The Mag


We find that nothing is truly
Everything is in motion
If only we could slow it down
Friction plays it’s own part
Slow to a crawl is still a
Everything is in motion
There is no true static
Watch close as I try some slight
Of hand
A trick for your pleasure
Or maybe for your
You just cant tell with
These things
Weather it is for you
Or if it is indeed for me
This slight of hand
Watch the one in the sky
She lay there with her
Toothsome smile
Painted on her hand as if
As if she had some part in the
Goings on
Watch as she steels herself
While we fortify ourselves
We find that nothing is really static
Even in this an image

Chris McQueeney    2/2/15


Brian Miller said...

maybe she is the smart one....slowing down to watch...though even in motion...

Kutamun said...

I found this very kinetic ....

Kathe W. said...

for sure nothing is static while being a teenager!