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Thursday, February 19, 2015

On your skin

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On your skin

I have forgot the scent of roses
On your skin
I have forgot the gentle glow
Of your skin
Only fragments are left to me
The sound of your voice
Escapes me
The feel of your hair
But then it all
Comes crushing back to me
In an instant
And I am right back there holding you
So close
And I remember
Oh I remember the scent of rose petals
On your skin

Chris McQueeney    2/18/15    6:44 P.M.

I have been awarded the perfect poet award and have accepted it go here for Hyde park poetry 


Brian Miller said...

smiles...i like the turn in this....from being unable to remember to it be so dang vivid there in the end...

Shadow said...

touching... beautiful.

Shadow said...

Congrats! on your award, Well Done, well deserved!