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Sunday, February 8, 2015

in the rain

No more

Dew drop
On top of an open petal
Flower in the rain
Can you see it now
Feel its pain

Copper top battery
In a flashlight
In the rain
Can you see it now

Lightning in our eyes
Do you feel the same
Can you see it
Do you feel the rain

Rain drops in the dark
Take me back to that
Light in your eyes
I feel your pain

Here we are
Darklight in the rain
Feeling outside
Of ourselves
No more pain

Chris McQueeney    2/7/15    11:28 A.M.


Brian Miller said...

sometimes it can be so hard to share in the pain of another...and then others we can almost drown....

kj said...

here as sometimes often i wish i knew the back story of this poem but it is nonetheless lyrical and evocative.

hope all is well with you, chris