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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why question... civil rights are for all

On the field

Smear the queer
Was the game
They played
On the field
Each and every day
Catch the ball
You would get paid
Black eye loose tooth
Purple and blue
Bruised to stay
No ball in your hand're not gay
Heard on the radio
Just today
Gay marriage is legal in Idaho
No smear the queer
What a good day

Christopher McQueeney    5\14\14    5:00 P.M.

I live in Oregon and the issue of Gay marriage is on the news due to a lawsuit about the legitimacy of the ban on it that has been put in place. Riding in the car yesterday I heard the most amazing news, Idaho had made it legal for gay couples to tie the knot. That is so far from what I remember as a child that I literally shouted WOW about three times.
Picture a school yard, freshly mowed grass, wide open space. Now see the children. A good sized group in fact, bunched together. Twenty nine smiling shouting children, one running for dear life...the game was called smear the queer. The "queer" was the child unlucky enough to have been passed the ball. The rest of the children were overjoyed not to be in that position because the object of the game was for the rest of the players to tackle the "queer" and smear him into the ground.
That was an openly accepted children's game, Smear the queer. now thirty years later those children who are now adults voted for the freedom for gay's to join there partners in marriage...have I mentioned that Idaho is one of the more conservative states. Oregon on the other hand is one of the more liberal. I applaud Idaho in their decision, and challenge Oregon to stop stomping on the civil liberties of the LGBT communities.

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Brian Miller said...

what amazes me is that people will fight for this...but wont do a dang thing about a divorce rate among straight couples that is well over 50%