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Monday, June 2, 2014

Breathe Again

Photo: Sucuess

Breathe Again

Living  with my insides
On the outside
Is uncomfortable to say the least
Can you see the flow
Artery path the the brain
Can you see the pain
From the ends of my fingers 
To the tips of my toes
Can you see the joy
All that from
One girl and one boy
Living with my outsides on the inside
Was necessary to say the least
That was what I heard
When I got the word
You can see them again...can 
Breathe again, inside-out or not
Breathe again

Christopher  McQueeney

After nine months I finally got the chance to hold my children again. This living nightmare has ended, it was amazing. They had grown so much...I guess that is what happens in nine months. I get to see them again thursday....and I plan to spend as much time with them as humanly possible....say hello to Chase Douglas McQueeney and Karley Marie McQueeney


Brian Miller said...

i am so excited for you...seeing hte picture in my reader..i was very happy to see you together...

def a breath of fresh air!!!!!

Carrie Van Horn said...

That is awesome Christopher. I know that has been a hard thing to go through. Children need their father so much. I am sure this is wonderful for them as well!

Wine and Words said...

Makes me so happy to see you this way. Seriously awesome!

Other Mary said...

I'm so happy for you Chris. And for your kids too. xo

ayala said...

So happy for you!

kj said...

this is the best picture ever in the history of the world.