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Monday, June 30, 2014

Here's to a new adventure, cheers!


Stark and Dry

Where do you go when your soul
is just not right
When from horizon to horizon
It is stark
Why so bleak and dry
When it is dark inside
while within a sandstorm 
I hide
Where do you go when it's time to hide
When it is dark
And storming inside your mind
Where do you go
When it is dark and Dreary
Stark and Dry

Chris McQueeney    6/30/14    10:45 A.M.

So I am pondering the layout of My Chapbooks and I just realized that I can do anything I want as far as the content goes. They will be my books, mine...that is kind of a heady feeling. Not only that it is in a way daunting. I want them to be well received. Even though you could technically call me an artist and a poet it is still new to me. In a lot of ways I think very linear, straight lines and all. Kinda goes with me being a Libra, balance and fairness...well, here's to a new adventure, cheers!    

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christopher said...

Many writers get editors at that point, and are grateful for publishing staff too. Especially when you want success (as in perfect strangers wanting what you have done), it becomes critical to understand what it is people see when they look for a book.

On the other hand, you may just want to get the material out there and not worry about your possible public. Then understand that the process in each case is not the same.