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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stalking Myself

Was made

Shadowed soul seeking a hole
To bury itself
One bottle of gin
Then let us begin
that beastly role
A grave digger's spade
Was perfectly made to lead the way
Inside of dirt's womb
Deeply entomb
The mess we have made
Glass in hand
Roughly engraved
A soul's last stand
Was made

Chris McQueeney   6/29/14    4:37 P.M.

I am working on a new book, this one will take  a while for me to put together...I'm guessing Stalking Myself will be in the editing stage by early next the mean time I will be putting out two Chapbook editions of my poetry with annotations and short musings of mine.


Brian Miller said...

nice. sounds like you will be busy in a good way...congrats on the books you will be putting out.

christopher said...

Oddly, my writing partner, Irene of Singapore and also of Red Wolf Poems, has compiled a collection of mine and then a collection featuring our partner poems. They are going to be available to download in eformat (PDF) shortly.

Ben Ditty said...
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Wander said...

Ben...we have something to work on as well...

Wander said...

Ben...we have something to work on as well...