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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Rings the Sound

Sunlight danced across the sky
The days  you were born 
Gentle my hand upon her thigh
My other hand brushed
Hair from her eyes
Breathe hunny
Just breathe
I said as I held my breath
While in my head raced
Things unsaid
Hand laid gentle upon her brow
I told her I loved her
And reminded her how
To breathe hunny
Just breathe
These years later I'm reminded
Both of you came
With those memories
Rings the sound
Breathe hunny
Just breathe
Sunlight danced across the sky
The days you came to my life
My children, to you both these words
I love you

Chris McQueeney    5/28/14    3:05 P.M.

I dedicate this to my Children Chase and Karley...this was also written in response to the Quillective project Sorry for being late maybe next one right....Amber Rockin Red Norrgard 


christopher said...

Very clean, sure, true, real.

kj said...

Chris, this is fantastic. The repeat 'chorus' is so effective

Time to build, mr my friend. You can do it and as a bonus you get to write like this :-)


Susie Clevenger said...

This is so beautiful.